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IslaToni's Day 5 & 6

By: IslaToni (View Profile)
Date: 6/4/2006

Day 5 – Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another senior moment….forgot to mention that we had met Vee and her sister. What a vibrant person! Always on the go, always very happy! We would run in to them many times after.

Also, I think today is the day that our “southern gentleman”, Jimbo, and friends were to arrive. We (Lynda, nat, les and i) met him in november 2003. He was from Mississippi and there alone. We decided to make him our friend and we hung out from then on. A super nice man!

Woke up to a little rain this morning. Not a pouring rain, just a light, steady rain. Drinking our coffee for a while, it already had started clearing up. Today we would check out of the Posada and have lunch at Playa Lancheros. We checked out, left our luggage in the lobby and went to breakfast at A&G’s once again. We then carted down to Jim and Carmita’s and told them that we just needed to get our luggage. Carmita carted Donna and I into La Gloria to get a taxi to the hotel and transport our luggage. We picked the room in the middle, with the two double beds. There were hammock hooks in the room and Carmita said that she had one if we wanted to use it. Oh yeah! Donna and I unpacked, as Marcee and Candace are “livers out of the suitcase” people. It worked out perfect.

We drove down to punta sur to pick up a few trinkets and then on to Playa Lancheros for our Tik ‘n Xik lunch. Donna and Marcee were just amazed at the preparation and the taste of the fish and very few bones.

Our lunch cookin'...

We talked to a couple of people there, who we would run into every day for the rest of our time there. When we were leaving, there were some local kids in the water yelling, “photo, photo”. Marcee said, ok, to the picture and said goodbye. The kids started yelling, “cheap, cheap, cheap” because the lady at the next table had taken their picture and gave them each a peso. Marcee said, I’m not going to do that, so she said “muy mal”. As we were walking away, they were still yelling, “cheap, cheap, cheap”. I just laughed.

We drove back into town to Hortensia’s so Marcee could pick up her dresses. I think it was almost 4:00pm so we went down to sergio’s to kill some time before we went to check in with Tony about going to Contoy the next day (Wednesday). He was back from today’s trip. He said to be at his house, tomorrow morning at 8:45am and we’ll see what the day is like. Back in to town to wait for Hildalgo to wake up. We walked and stopped, had a cerveza or 2, and of course….back to fayne’s for candace to see “the boys”. Had some guac and chips. Not bad there. We didn’t see Brian and Josie that night, but knew that they had also checked in with Tony for our next day’s trip. Danced and back to Jim & Carmita’s by 10:30 to get some sleep for our big day!

Forgot…there’s a/c in our room. We had our windows open all day and the breeze was wonderful coming in the room. I get in to bed…I don’t need the a/c! this is the first for me on isla! It was so nice not hearing the whooring of the a/c. I quickly fell asleep.

Marcee slept in the hammock as she thought it might be good for her fibermyalsia.

P.S. it has now been two days since I have sat in the sun. I’m having withdrawals!!!!

Day 6, Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Up early for the day. I forgot to mention that yesterday I had noticed that we had a North Wind. What the heck? North Winds in May??? So when I got up this morning and looked at the Caribbean, it was going the wrong way! And there were whitecaps already forming. Uh oh…..might be doubtful for Contoy today. We were ready to go by 8:15 so we won’t be late. (Ya’ll know that the golf carts on the island aren’t the fastest we’ve ever seen!) Got to Tony’s right on time, he said, why don’t we go have a light breakfast and be back by 9:15. I asked him if we had a full boat and she said, yes, 12. great! Of course we went to A&G’s again and then back to Tony’s. he fitted us with our gear and we walked down to the beach, by his boat. Here comes Mario (Tony’s brother). The ocean on that side looked even worse than the Caribbean side and there were dark clouds off to the northwest and they looked like they were coming our way. Tony said that it might not be a good day. Waited a little longer. Tony said, “sorry, it looks too rough, rain coming, it would be better tomorrow”. We all agreed, knowing how smart and safe Tony always is. No problem. We dropped the gear back off at Tony’s and I asked him if he would like to join us for dinner that night. He said, sure…come on by.

We went back to our Casa and decided that we would just lounge by the pool all day – our private pool. We swam, sat in the sun, relaxed.

The rain never came to that side of the island, but we later learned that night, that it had rained on the northside of the island. Of course, Tony’s call was a good one.

Showered and we’re off for another evening in town. We stopped by Tony’s at around 5pm and he was still working on his golf cart. He said that he would have to shower and come back in a bit. Ok. Well, the ladies once again were hungry early and tonight sounded good for lobster at Picus. We each wanted a small tail, but all they had was one BIG one (which donna and marcee split) and 2 smaller ones, 1 each for candace and me. It was yummy. A little pricey, but we were all wanting at least one lobster dinner.

Donna at Picus

Marcee at Picus

Toni at Picus

A happy Marcee and Candace with a "naked lobster tail" Yummmmmm, that was good!

It was still too early for Tony to be ready so we went to…..of course, fayne’s. geeeezzzz, are we getting tired of going there, or what? Not Candace! They weren’t busy yet, as it was still early. It was little Sergio’s day off , but he was hanging out. Marcee and I walked down to Tony’s and he yelled at us from the shower asking where he should meet us…I yelled back, Fayne’s. ok, see you there.

Tony walked up and he was all dressed up in some nice khaki’s and a nice Hawaiian-ish shirt. He said that he really wasn’t that hungry, but shared some guac and chips with us.

have ya'll ever noticed that it's hard to get Tony to smile for pics. we caught on and finally got him to smile!

Tony said, “let’s go get ice cream”, so we walked down Hildalgo. Tony, of course, was stopped every few feet by all of the islalovers/visitors. Saw Vee and her sister again. Some of the guys wanted to know how he got so lucky to be escorted by four beautiful women?? (I, of course, looked around to see who the heck they were talking about!) We went to the ice cream place on the south end of the basketball court. But tonight, it was the volleyball court. The girls had just finished playing and now it was the guy’s turn. I was very impressed at just how good they were. They even had a referee calling at the net! Tony, Candace and Donna got some ice cream. I was still too full. Marcee and Candace decided to play on the teeter-totter at the playground.

We were all cracking up because here’s marcee on one end and then candace on the other. (Keep in mind, that candace is 17 yrs. old and weighs 102 lbs!!! marcee is 52 yrs. old and weighs….well let’s just say that she has a “mature figure”.) here’s marcee at the bottom, candace is up at the top and candace doesn’t have enough weight to come down and marcee forgets that she has to push with her legs!

At one point, marcee pushes from the bottom to make candace go down and candace looses her balance, falls off and almost cracks her head on the teeter-totter next too her. My heart just stopped. All I could think was that her head would split open and we’d have to rush her to the doctor. Luckily, the only injury she had was a nice bruise on her thigh! Whew!

We finished our ice cream and watching volleyball and went back up Hildalgo. Once again, Tony stopping at every restaurant to say hello. We got back to Tony’s street, said our goodnights and see you in la manana. Back to fayne’s for 1 more drink, drove home and in bed by 10:00.

no a/c again! Can you believe it???

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