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Day 2 of 5, April 28, 2011

By: Kasha68 (View Profile)
Date: 5/8/2011

We wake up to the wonderful sounds of Isla--the locals getting up and starting work--cleaning the beach, restocking the bar, prepping the kitchen.

We had big plans to look at a lot of different hotel rooms so that we could decide where we would be staying next Feb/March. Well, there is something about Isla that makes me just want to sit on my butt and drink something cold. I will, however, get up to walk to the banos, or ocean, or to get another drink or food...but to "DO" something? Whew, that was not in the works. So, we said "tomorrow" we will look at other rooms. Did you know that tomorrow never comes? haha.

We like to start our mornings with a walk around the beach to the walkway on the other side of the island and up by the Navy base and down the main street. So, we begin our trek--its about 7am but many of the folks are already out and raking or getting the beach chairs ready for another day. Its a lovely morning but a bit breezy, which feels great to us. The beach is so beautiful and we take our time enjoying the walk.

I love to eat a big breakfast each morning, and there is something about Isla that always seems to increase my appetite even more. After our walk, we wander around centro looking for something and decide that we will do our old standby--the loncherias. We go to A&Gs and I order the divorced eggs and my partner orders the mexican omelet and we split the french toast. All were outstanding (and yes, I am kicking myself now for not taking photos of the food we ate while there). I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fresh juices on Isla, so I order the orange juice. We sit and just take in the fact this is our first full day on the island!!! It feels so great to be back! I think we paid 140 p for the breakfast. Extremely reasonable!

We get back to Chi-Chis. We pack up our bags as we would be moving from room 6 to suite 9 which overlooks the beach and has two balconies/patios with chairs to sit and lay in. (we paid 90 per day for the unit--again, we dont haggle)

Until Benito gives us the word that we can move, we decide to sit and soak up some sun. I re-introduce myself to Tomas, and ask if he could turn the XM radio to 60s tunes because we stopped here every day to listen to that station in Feb. He was kind enough to do that and so we tipped him extra each time we got ourselves more cold beverages.

We enjoy the sunny skies and aqua water until Benito comes over to tell us our room is ready. We head over to make the switch. He gives us the keys, and shows us which key locks which door--there are 4 keys total, which proves itself tricky after a few nights of cold ones, but we figure it out... To get to rooms 9,10,11, you need to go through the office, so one key is used when the office is locked...anyway, we head up to the room/suite. I immediately love it and want it for our Feb/March 2012 trip. My partner, being the best partner in the world, agrees I should get what I want! :) We talk to Benito and I am sad to say this is already rented for the time we will be there next year, so we decide on room 8, which we have heard is also very nice--and we did see it and look at the view from the balcony. But, I am hooked on 9 and will plan to have that each time we are on Isla and stay here.

Okay, back to the day...we unpack and lo and behold--its already lunch time!! So, where shall we dine? We decide its margarita time, too, so we choose Bally Hoo. We each order their fish tacos and margaritas and enjoy the sites of the boats and fishermen coming and going. Great food as usual!

We stroll around centro again, head to the grocery store and see about buying some beer for when we want to sit on the patio. We end up buying a 6 pack at one of the small stores and finally make it back to Chi Chis. When Tomas sees us, he turns on the XM radio to the 60s! We decide to sit and visit with him for a while, alternating between beer and dips in the ocean to cool off. Where is the rain that was forecast?? haha. Its interesting that Chi Chis has two bars and they have different prices for their happy hour beer..Tomas is 45p for 2 and the other bar has 50p..not sure why the difference. The other bars bartended had a bit of an attitude and wasnt nearly as friendly as Tomas, so we spent most of our time with him.

A side note, it seems like Chi-Chis in a family run business, which we really like--kids were playing around the hotel all the time and it was great to see how the families worked and played together each day. As I mentioned in order to get to our room, or to get outside from our room, we need to go through the office, and when we were up around 7am, some folks were camped out in the office, sleeping. I only include this because, while I was surprised, it didnt bother us at all, but it may bother some people. We just tried to be quiet when we left.

We watched the sunset from our patio while enjoying a cool one. It was a bit cloudy on the horizon, so the sun set behind some clouds, but it was still magical.

We decided to get cleaned up (what? get out of our beach wear?!) and head out to dinner..we strolled around. Its funny to watch some people walk on the didnt take us long to get the Isla stoll on...and you can tell the folks that just got there--they have a faster speed to their walk! We were like that the first part of the first day we were here, but my partner called me on it and reminded me that I was there to relax and SLOW DOWN!

We found Poc Chuk earlier in the afternoon and we made a mental note because we had heard so many good things about it. So, we decided to give it a try...OH MAN! SOOOO glad we did! I had the beef tacos (3) and my partner had the poc chuck (braised pork). We also each had a beer. The food was amazing, and I think our total bill was 100p! The folks there were so friendly, though they didnt speak much English, we were able to order without a problem. We walked away stuffed and noted that we will be back again.

After dinner we strolled down Hildago, then made our way back to the room to enjoy listening to the surf and watch the stars (sky became clear).

Another day in paradise put to rest.

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