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Bad Bones and the beauty pirates.

By: Huesos Malos
Date: 3/22/2005

At the suggestion of the feedback I'm getting I'll copy the tales across and then add. So some threads might be a little confusing where they are conversational from the message board.

Firstly, thanks for posting the photo as I could not determine if the original bar was still there. It has of course changed hugely.Yellow!
Would love the T-shirt, mine disintegrated as they were fairly cheap Mexican ones that did not survive much washing. I remember that they were a good earner. The ya-ya's, is that the London R&B outfit?
In reply to madam zz; I suppose it always was a bit'crusty'. I could write a book about my time on Isla. Hell with palm trees, as we ironically labelled it, gave us all a very hard time, and a most fantastic and unforgettable experience.
During my tenure as a musician with the then Louisiannan incumbents we were the only gringo bar and as such attracted most of the islands' visitors at some point during their stay.
These ranged from local Mayan fishermen, Cuban fishermen when tropical storms stranded them. Tourists of course, sport fishermen and their hard partying crews, passing yacht crews, some Mexican locals, tho not often as we were politically undesirable, and the local expat community, mostly American.
Every nite was party nite, and we (the band) played seven nights a week, regardless. Sometimes to a heaving, steaming crowd, possibly to the orphans, waifs, stray animals we kept, and the staff.
The mayor didn't like us but the admiral did. Along with Miguel, the only Mexican in the band, I worked the other hotels and bars playing more indigineous music. I also played centre forward for Los Tiberones, a football (soccer) team that developed from a regular sunset kickabout on the beach. We won the Yucatan league in our second season. I never actually contributed too heavily as my rock'n'roll lifestyle was not in accordance with a mid-day kickoff, and I'm sure you'll appreciate that hiding in the shade was a better proposition.
Many many characters, such fond memories.I absolutely loved it all.
Bad Bones in Spanish is huesos malos, but the bar was generally known in the Mexican cantinas as huevos malos. Bad eggs, literally, but huevos was a colloqialism for balls. That's bollocks in English!
I'll stop the rambling and let y'all get on. If encouraged I would go on and on and on....
So pleased to see Isla has such an appreciative bunch of admirers.
Mas y mejor. Graham.X

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