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Isla Mujeres 2007 ~ Day 8

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 5/16/2007

Isla Mujeres February 2007

Day 8

Tuesday February 27

“Sun, Sopa and Sweets!”

Up with the sun, as usual….it’s a toasty 27C with 75% humidity…

I crawl back into bed for a little while, but at 7 we are out the door with Ingrid and Rick for an early morning moped ride. A nice cool breeze greets us as we zoom down the west side and then up the east side, stopping in at the beach to do a little shell collecting…

Always a great spot to enjoy the natural scenery…

We take Ingrid and Rick on a little tour of the colonias…stopping to marvel at this masterpiece! The perfect fit!...

Time for breakfast so we all head for home and Cazuela M & J’s. Ingrid orders a fruit crepe…

Rick is eager to dig into his cazuela….

I just enjoyed toast and OJ, but Vince joins Rick with another cazuela and of course, chaya…

A total of $256MXP for all four of us, and tummies are happily full. Back to our room to gather the beach gear, where we find another surprise gift on our door handle….beer and a People magazine! Not sure who our Santa Claus is but this is really fun! Gracias!

By 11, we are sizzling on the beach…33C and 61% humidity….ahhhhhh. The rest of the afternoon passes with many dips in the sea, reading and Jean and Rich walk by for a visit. By 3:30 Vince is craving another ‘isla circle’, so off we go…down the west side, up the east side…are we dizzy yet! After going up and down just about every street, we happen upon a bakery! We actually just followed our noses! We get a variety….sweet buns filled with cream cheese and topped with sugar and some with cheddar cheese topped with sugar. We also get a few sugar donuts just in case we need More sugar!!! A grand total of $15MXP.

We put our treats in the seat hold to keep warm as we scoot across the island to enjoy the sunset from the west side. We park the moped, grab the treats and find a spot….oh, yummmm…these are soooo good! To heck with Jenny Craig today!

As we are stuffing our faces, Ingrid and Rick come buzzing down the road…darn, now we’ll have to share!

I let Ingrid hold the bag of treats, but once we all dive in, it is soon empty.

We’re so busy licking our fingers we almost missed the sunset…

Everyone wants more bakery treats, so we retrace our steps and head back to the little blue building. The lady greets us with a laugh…um, yes, we were just here a little while ago! We fill up the tray with more goodies…this time, some ham and cheese and picante…$27MXP. She makes sure to tell us their days and hours…I think she can spot a regular customer!

Time to make our way back home, but as we get close, we see the light on at La Lomita’s. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this place, so we park the mopeds and get a table right on the street.

Vince, Ingrid and Rick order the house special which is fish fillet in foil with veggies and rice. It also came with sopa de frijoles negros….

My dinner…sopa de lima arrives…very good and very filling!

The fish dinners arrive….

The boys were very happy with their choices…

We all roll away after a very good meal…and a bargain at $260MXP for all 4 of us, including 2 beer and 2 water. Definitely on the ‘go eat here’ list.

We head home for some quick showers and then a walk up Hidalgo is in order. We wander up to Adelita’s Tequila Bar where we order strawberry margaritas…2 for $55MXP. Rick has a rum and coke…$45MXP. Ingrid was shopping and went thirsty!

The margs were really good and we listened to a great band playing at Fayne’s, Projecto Indico…excellent. We bought their CD for $200MXP.

Somehow we find room for dessert and we make a beeline for the gelato bar on Hidalgo. I have banana and chocolate, Vince has limon and strawberry and Rick has coconut. $20MXP each…excellent! This would become a regular treat!

By 11:30, we have had a long day so it’s off to dreamland with dreams of another great day to come….

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