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Joe& Debs Isla trip ( 3rd one this year) day 2 part 2

By: sheepdog3 (View Profile)
Date: 11/27/2011

Well after getting back from our trip we were thirsty. We headed to the beach for drinks and then cleaned up to meet Jimbo & Karen at Jax for drinks. We missed Jimbos e-mail saying they would not be able to make it and got caught upstairs at Jax on the deck in a shower. If you know us this is to be expected!! It stopped raining in 1/2 hr and after one hr waiting we left. We went to the beach rest at Privileges for dinner and ordered coconut shrimp and I got salad. There was a wedding party going on so we were the only ones eating at the beach. Joe ordered a beer and I had ordered a water and a kahlua and creme. They gave us two rolls w/butter and I got my kahlua and joe his beer. after 15 or more min. we shared an appitizer. A small one. The waiter never offered to bring another beer. He brought us our salads and left. When my husband went to the mens room the waiter tried to take my plate while I was still eating. I asked them for a beer for my husband. After joe came back our shrimp arrived and it was black!! It tasted like dried out burnt toast. Joe stood up and said were leaving this isnt fit to eat and the service is terrible. The manager came over and asked him what was wrong, but joe was too upset to stay and talk. I took the manager aside and explained that I hadnt even gotten my water or been offered a second drink or more rolls. we were the only people here yet we were given terrible service and burnt food!! The managers name was Pedro and He apologized to us. He said he would send something to our room to make it right. Well with joe leaving so fast I didnt have a room key because one has to be in the wall to keep the a/c running. So he called the desk and got me 2 new keys and he had a bottle of champagne and chocolate cake sent to our room. Im pre diabetic so I didnt eat much of it, but it is the thought that counts. joe never eats cake. We ordered turkey clubs from room service. but you guessed it they ruined them too. they made it with chopped turkey, mexican soft cheese, grilled onions, their minced spam and no bacon!!! one little piece of tomato. I also ordered a baked potato. I got a mashed potato with raisin sauce wrapped in tin foil and baked to look like a baked potato and it wasnt even warm! We were so hungry!!! We hadnt eatten lunch because of our trip at noon. so I was so glad I had brought mixed nuts and cranberrys with me because they tasted real good at 11p.m. the wifi stoped working 1/2 the time and we were changing rooms the next day because they didn,t give us a room with a dvd player and the a/c didnt work right in the bedroom. So we lived out of our suitcases for 2 days.

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