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Alaska Newbies-Day 2 & 3

By: ericks5 (View Profile)
Date: 3/20/2007

We decide to spend the day at the beach. NO news flash to anyone reading this, of course! We head to Buho's & set up our towels on two great chairs. After a couple of minutes, I get a strange vibe that we're in the wrong area....we were. We were sitting in chairs reserved for hotel guests only, so....we march down a ways & find two great chairs & an umbrella for $15US. Later, we realize that this is our most expensive chair/umbrella combo of the trip.
The sun is hot, at 90' & a cloudless sky. Venders walk by every 5-10 minutes offering necklaces, pantalones, pumkin seeds(ONLY buy Maria's, as she adds fresh lime juice & they're roasted to perfection!), Coco's(coconuts), etc. Hubby buys a Coco which is then chopped enough to insert a straw for yummy drinking. An hour later, the same man comes back & chops the now empty coconut so that hubby & I can eat the pulp! Yum, yum, yum!!
By late afternoon, we head back to the hotel room, shower, and head to Sergio's for the sunset. We had ceviche de cameron(my favorite) & another yummy dish, 4 drinks, all while watching our first sunset on the island. It was amazing! Pinch me, because I'm sure I am dreaming tnis!
We wake to day 3 to discover that hubby is quite burnt, and I am a bit, as well. So, today seems a good day to take a taxi to La Gloria school & Little Yellow Schoolhouse to drop off our donations. We decide to try to walk back to downtown (we discover our error later) and get lsot a bit. We soon end up on the caribbean side of the island, where the beaches are all rocky & covered in conch shells & coral. It was fun beachcombing, watching the waves, all while we're nearly the only ones on this beach, away from the crush of day-trippers. We walk another mile or so, heading towards the center of the island, and pass the lagoon. Even though the island is so narrow, just being even this little bit away from the shores makes the heat unbearable. We hail a taxi, and nearly faint from the wonderful A/C that blasts us immediately!
We head back to Sergio's for the sunset, deciding to not mess with the success we had there the first sunset. After another amazing sunset, we head to Jax for dinner. In all honesty, it was the only meal on the island that was less than impressive, which is sad as the prices are a bit higher than most other places we ate. We decide to NOT go back.
We enjoy the sights some more, walking around most of downtown, get a great price from a street vendor for vanilla(the real kind, not the kind watered down with alcohol(check the ingredients)), then head to bed.
So, if we ARE dreaming this paradise, please DO NOT pinch us, but rather let us live in our fantasy world in peace!

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