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Mexico 2008 ~ Day 8

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 5/21/2008

Mexico 2008
February 14 – March 9

Isla Mujeres

Day 8 Thursday February 21

“A Colourful Tour of Centro”

I almost miss the sunrise today….slept in until 6:30! Geesh, you’d think I was on holiday or something!

Well, I am on holiday, so after a quick look, I do go back to bed. Once we’re all upright, it’s off to Super Express for some yogurt and baked goods. We enjoyed croissants with cream cheese and strawberry jam on our balcony. Vince goes in search of a golf cart so we can drive around Isla today and give Jason a tour, but after about 30 minutes, he is home again without a cart. Huh? It seems that there are no golf carts available today. Ok, plan B then. Off to the beach we go!

Past the Church…

Jason catches us on the walk…notice how I let Vince carry everything!

Jason captures some Isla colours….

The new El Sol…

More colours…

Fun stuff!...

I told Jason that everyone photographs this building, so of course, he did too…

You gotta grab a siesta whenever you can!

A prim and proper pose…

The morning school session is over for the day…

The cemetery…peaceful and serene even though it’s become surrounded by concrete condos…

Time for a cerveza from Isla’s beer store. If you notice the empty shelves, the only thing he sells is beer!

And then, Playa Norte….ahhh…

Turning counter-clockwise….a view towards the south…

Looking back towards Maria del Mar area…

Looking north…

We spend the afternoon just lazing away…a perfect Isla day…swimming, reading, playing backgammon. After a busy few days, it was very welcome.

By late afternoon, the boys’ tummies are grumbling so we head towards Playa Sol. On the way, we see this cart that seems to be moving along all by itself. The fellow pushing it could barely be seen!

Jason and Vince enjoy their usual…parmesan grilled fish fillet at Sergio’s.

We have a dinner date tonight with amigos, so it’s time to get back and cleaned up. We make our way along Medina. Yes, there are a lot of scooters on Isla!

Vince and Jason decide to take the long way home, walking to the end of the Navy base, while I go back to the room and find this cute display…

They come across a great mode of transportation…

A jaguar and his shadow….

The view….

This fellow lived along the malecon. He didn’t have much room so I hope he was taken for a walk once in a while…

Time for dinner! We’re off to Angelo’s where we meet up with the whole gang….Jean and Rich, Jan and Bruce, April, Joe and Frank. Cozumel Shell and Greg also arrive to join the party!

Vince, Jason and I share an ensalada misto, then Vince has ravioli and Jason and I share a Hawaii pizza. It was delicious as always.

As we’re finishing dinner, there’s a commotion on the street and a bevy of beautiful babes walks by. Jason’s not about to pass up an opportunity, so off he runs. Not sure what it was all about, but Jason’s smile says it all.

We say goodnight to all of our amigos and then decide that we have room for dessert. We haven’t introduced Jason to Color de Verano yet, so that’s where we go. And he’s smiling again….yum, yum!

Filled to bursting, we walk home, play some backgammon and hit the lights. One more day for Jason…hope there’s a golf cart with his name on it tomorrow!

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