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Day 2 – Saturday, 5/13/06 - First full day on Isla

By: IslaToni (View Profile)
Date: 5/29/2006

Day 2 – Saturday, 5/13/06

(sorry about the pictures!! some i can successfully resize and others, i can't. :shock: )

Forgot to mention, we had 2 double beds in our room so we thought that we would have a “roll away” so that we could all trade off sleeping in it to give the others some sleeping room. Well, this roll away was like sleeping on a bed of BRICKS! I think donna volunteered to try it first. She woke up this morning aching all over. We had a good laugh with that one. Needless to say, we folded it up and didn’t use it again!

I think we were up by 7:30am. Marcee brought her little 4 cup coffee maker so we could have coffee as soon as we got up. Sat on the balcony, drinking our coffee and talking. This lady walked by, stopped, looked up and walked over to us and said, “are you guys from the message board?” yes, “I’m islatoni”. She said, “I’m Linda from Houston, LKHouston”. Of course I recognized her name. she said, “I thought I recognized you, 3 blondes and one young lady with short black hair”. She was there with her large group, having a great time. Of course, who doesn’t have a great time on Isla??

We packed up our stuff and headed to Sergio’s for a nice, first day at the beach. I felt a rush of relaxation and exhilaration all at the same time as we walked up to Sergio’s. I was also in AWE of how Sergio had rebuilt his bar AND he has more real estate. A HUGE palapa to the right of his new bar and mattresses in front of that. I thought, at first when I had seen pictures of the mattresses that I would like to use those, but chose to do my regular thing and sit down by the water in the lounge chairs with the umbrellas and little tables. Jose was our server for the day. I felt that I should have some healthy juice to start the day off, so I ordered a tequila sunrise (I KNEW that it must’ve been 5:00 somewhere!). it was delicious and refreshing.

That day we met Wendy, Rosemary and Cathy. And remet Bruce. I met bruce about 3 years ago when Nat and Les renewed their wedding vows on the beach at Sergio’s. Wendy is as tan as JackieinPDX. They both look like Hershey chocolate bars!!!

We lunched on the beach at Sergio’s this day. Had the fish tacos and guac which were excellent!!! The cocos man came by along with mariano (beach bead/bracelet/necklace vendor), and guillermo (silver jewelry vendor). Marcee had her very first, fresh coconut

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Coco man "pretending" to behead guillermo. JanInNC is in the background!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Donna and Marcee went back to the room at about 3pm, while Candace and I stayed until 4pm. Went back to the room to shower. Donna wanted tacos at medina’s tonight. Well, we were all ready to go around 5:00 or so and we walked downtown. Of course, nothing was open that early. What are these gals thinking?? Fayne’s was just setting up to open so I asked little Sergio if we could just sit and have a drink. Sure. Mau was bartending that night. He is also a very nice guy. candace wanted mau to make her something special to drink. The staple of the drinks tonight for her was vodka. I think he made every sweet type of vodka drink that he knew of. Lol. The guys sat with us since they weren’t really open or busy yet. Once they opened for food, we decided to stay there and eat. I had the garlic fish (delicious!), donna had the red snapper and candace had the seafood with Mexican rice. A pretty presentation. Marcee hadn’t gotten in to the isla food mode yet and opted to have a BLT with french fries!

After dinner, the music began and marcee got up and danced with alex and candace joined in. a lot of fun and laughter ensued.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We left fayne’s and walked down to the new Hooka Bar –Comono’s. The Hooka thing is so “L.A.” I had never heard of it before until candace told me about it about 2 or so months ago. Comono's is owned by an Israili and the server was from Sweden. They had just opened up in January. We hooka’d for a bit – can’t remember which flavor candace picked out for us and then walked back toward Fayne’s. When walking by all of the shops, they wanted us to come in a look, of course, but our standard response was “we just got here, we have 10 more days". By this time Fayne’s was hoppin’, tables packed and people up dancing as the band played. We sat and had another drink or two. Marcee and Donna were getting tired, so they went back to the room around 10:30. candace and I stayed a while longer and then went to bed around 11:30.

Another beautiful day in Paradise!

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