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Jeff & Stacy Day 3, June 3

By: JLM (View Profile)
Date: 6/13/2005

Awoke today to discover another beautiful morning. We're running low on pesos, so we take the scooter to the banco to exchange some TC's. While in the bank we fall victim to the only criminal activity we encounter on our trip, when we returned to the scooter our cigarettes and lighter are gone!?! I scratched my head, looked at Stacy, and we both share a laugh. So we walk in the 7-11 which is right there and re-up. We're off to explore a little more of downtown and the carribbean side before heading to breakfast. This morning we're going to Donna's @ Chili Locos. She is a school teacher from Georgia who now lives on Isla Mujeres and leases Chili Locos for breakfast and lunch. We start with the same great fresh squeezed orange juice (I believe everybody gets it from the market), Stacy orders apple crepes and I select a bacon & cheese omelette. These are both very good as well as her coffee that she grinds fresh every morning and adds a hint of cinnamon to knock off any bitterness. The highlight for me was the papaya-banana-pineapple marmalade that she makes that goes very well on buttered toast-YUMYUM!! We return the cart to Ppe's and chat for a while with the very lively man we rented it from. Today is beach and relaxation day so we head to playa norte and rent some chairs and an umbrella from a man for 50p for the whole day. Our chairs are right down from Sunset Grill, as this is a very wide and beautiful beach. The water here is very calm and shallow, about a hundred yards out and I'm still not chest deep. Spend several hours baking in the sun and swimming, getting thirsty, so I go to Sunset Grill for a pina colada and bottled aqua. It's past lunchtime now so we return to Donna's to try her baguette sandwiches. Stacy has the Mexican and I get the Italian which both come with sauteed potatoes. They are both good, but watch the peppers on the Mexican, they'll get your attention. The sun has drained us, so we return to the room for a siesta. After @ a 2 hour nap, we wake up and realize it's happy hour at Sergio's - banana and mango daiquiris! We arrive and indulge in our our tropical delights, along with more sunning and swimming. We're gonna catch sunset at Buho's tonight as it is a clear day, so we return to the Posada for their happy hour and a dip in the pool. Up to the room to get ready, and it's off for our first sunset. Buho's is a very nice beach bar, and the sunset is incredible today. After several cervezas and many pictures, we head to Sunset grill for dinner. we get a table in the sand only feet from the water with a candle on it, tiki torches around, and the stars in full view above - very romantic. Tonight they have live music with a man playing guitar and another playing a saxophone, great songs and not loud - perfect. We start with sunset punch made with passion fruit liqueur, and some guacamole. For dinner Stacy and I both get the chimichangas, hers with chicken and mine with beef (they're highly recommended by the mapchick). For dessert we try their Key Lime Pie - not as good as Casa O's - and have a glass of chardonnay which is served in a tiny caraffe in a bucket of ice water and a Logo Sunset Grill chilled glass. this was a very romantic and delicious dinner, the chimichangas were probably the best we've ever had! We're not in the mood for nightlife tonight as the sun has done a number on us today, so we head back to the hotel to say hola to Miguel and Romy. After talking for a while it's time to turn in, another perfect day in Paradise down!

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