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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 18

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 6/14/2006

Whew!!! Don’t worry, I’m almost done!!

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 18 – March 10

“Does The FUN Ever Stop!”

Up again before the sun…what’s new! Not a spectacular sunrise this morning but every single one has its own beauty…

As I’m enjoying the sun’s rise into the sky I hear some whimpering. Where is that coming from? I look down towards the malecon where a little dog is trying to make his way over the debris left from Wilma. Poor little fella is a little timid but finally takes a big jump and makes it over the mess and then scampers along.

The wind has had some fun with our balcony furniture. It is usually neatly placed right in front of our window, but the wind has pushed the chairs and table over towards the wall instead!

I drag Vince out of bed and we walk the few blocks away to find the cart where the man squeezes oranges right into a bottle as we watch. Can’t get it any fresher than that! And oh my, it is so sweet and delicious! A few bakery goods and we enjoy our yummy breakfast on the balcony.

It’s off to Sergio’s once again as it is still quite windy on Playa Norte. We get settled with all of our amigos and amigas….



And then it’s time for a late breakfast from Roger…the best breakfast drink that you could ask for…after the fresh squeezed OJ….a Banana Daiquiri….poor Roger had to dash off to the store to get bananas, but it was worth the wait!

He needs a break after that!

Vince decides to be silly and does a jump off the dock…

We roast and sizzle all day and then head off in the late afternoon for our usual moped adventure…taking in the sights and smells of the entire Isla. We certainly have enjoyed our little ‘pepe’!...

Time to clean up for a little mini ‘Sparkarita’ party! John and Faith have kindly invited a few of us over to the little house that they are renting and we arrive to find some wonderful snacks and killer margaritas waiting. Those sparkaritas go down way too easily and we all announce that they are the BEST margaritas on Isla. We all try to convince John and Faith to open ‘Sparky’s Cantina’!

Before we can’t walk anymore, we head off to dinner at San Cocho’s.

Wanda, Jan, Doris, Vince, John, Bruce, Faith, Colleen…

I order Chicken Fried Steak once again….very rich but very good…

We admire Faith and her choice….a very healthy, low calorie salad….

John takes our picture….notice Wanda in the background taking food pics!

Jan and Wanda having fun…

The only bad thing at dinner….the margaritas were terrible! No matter what we tried adding to them, we could barely choke them down. We should have sent John to tend bar!

After dinner a few of us decide to wander a bit and end up at OM. A cool looking place with great ambiance…

From the outside, with flash for detail….

What it really looked like….cozy and romantic….lots of quiet alcoves to sit in….

Our crew poses as I grab a photo….it was actually pitch dark and I couldn’t see what I was taking! Quite a variety of expressions!...

Colleen takes one as I hop onto the pillows….

Wanda finally gets a good strawberry margarita and gets comfy!

Some more photos of OM…..from upstairs with flash….that staircase is deadly after a few drinks!

More seating areas…with flash…

Same area without flash….

The view from upstairs…fun to people watch…

It was also a wonderful spot to sit in the open warm air breezes and watch the stars twinkling overhead. The staff was great….the next day we dropped by during the day and one of the fellows gave us a STAFF shirt. Definitely a fun place to relax in a cozy atmosphere. By 2am we are very relaxed and stumble our way home as another terrific night slips by….

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