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MX 2005- Isla Mujeres - Day 11

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/20/2005

Are you tired of these yet?!

Mexico 2005

Isla Mujeres

March 6 Day 11

“It’s Sunday….That Means It’s Rib Day!”

Not about to break with tradition I am up once again at 6am. It’s nice and warm but there are a lot of clouds on the horizon so no picture today, sorry! Still feeling a little sleepy, I crawl back under the covers and sleep in until 8:30. Yikes, the day’s a’wastin!

Showered and out the door by 9:30, Vince says he needs chaya today…poor guy, I must be wearing him out! Teehee Off to M & J’s where we both order a huge and delicious breakfast….a fried egg, with thick slices of bacon and melted cheese on a toasted bun. It comes with the most delicious potatoes that have been seasoned, mashed and grilled. Oh my…carb heaven!

We should walk that breakfast off, but of course, we hop on Pepe and head off to the beach. We decide to drive by Captain Tony’s home to see if there might be some snorkeling tours tomorrow. Tony is on Isla Contoy today so we’ll check back in the morning. My nose wiggles….what’s that great aroma? We see the smoke from the grill and my light bulb goes off….the Rib Man! I almost forgot that it was Sunday rib day! I hop off the moped and dash over to pick up some ribs and fixins’ to go…$30MXP. They smell wonderful!

Off to our usual spot near Buho’s where we roast our bodies for a while and then swim a bit so we can make room in our tummies for the ribs. Ok, I can’t wait any longer…let’s dig in!

They are delicious and oh so messy. Definitely finger lickin’ good! We are joined by a dog that won’t leave our side until she gets some tidbits.

More than full, we take several swims in the ocean to cool off from the 31C heat. The water is still very shallow from the new sand bar and there is even a bit of sea grass in the water that has somehow appeared overnight.

We laze the day away but by 4 Vince is itching to hit the road. How will I ever finish by book! Off to drop our things at Roca Mar and then we head off down the east side once again, going through some of the colonias on our way. Along the beach I notice that someone has built a cairn on a rock in the water…

As we near the shell house, I notice a pretty cloud formation….

More Isla scenery…

As we drive up the west side, we realize that we won’t make it to Sergio’s in time for sunset, so we stop along the way to enjoy the view…

The end to another wonderful day….

Back home we park the scooter and wander over to the Supermercado to pick up a few goodies. Once again, Vince grabs his 6-pack and puts it on the belt with our other snacks and drinks. And once again, his mouth falls open when they take it away. See, honey, even they think you’ve had enough today! Turns out that there are no cerveza sales after 6pm on Sunday! Vince is learning some important Isla facts these days!

Back home again to clean up and then it’s off to fill our tummies once again…not that they were ever empty today! We find Jan and Bruce at the zócalo having some of the wonderful food prepared by the locals. It all looks delicious but Vince is really set on having another one of Angelo’s salads. He craves his greens and that salad really made him happy. Jan and Bruce have bad news though…Angelo’s is closed on Sundays. No, really? Well, Vince just has to check that out for himself so we say adios and go in search of lettuce. Sure enough as we wander to the north end of Hidalgo, we find Angelo’s closed for dinner. Poor Vince. Surely some other restaurants must have a good salad. “Yeah, but I really liked Angelo’s”….Okay, Vince, if you stamp your foot too, I’m leaving you right here!”

Off we go once again, taking a look at all the menu boards along the street. I’m almost ready to give up and then we end up at Rolandi’s. Look honey! A mixed salad!! Yippee…someone get me a drink, quick!

Vince gets his salad with an Italian dressing and we also order a Hawaiian pizza for me and a pepperoni/pineapple for Vince. I have to admit though…I would really rather have been at Angelo’s too. It wasn’t really that busy but the service was not that great once again. And, the pizza and salad is so much better at Angelo’s too….hope they’re open tomorrow! The bill was $255MXP including tip.

We are definitely full though but still seem to find room for our now-nightly ritual…a lime popsicle from Viva Mexico. Last night we shared one, but I think I’d like my own tonight..yumm!

The sun and surf and moped wind have made us tired tonight, so we slowly wander home around 11 and lights are off and stars are on! ‘Nite, nite…

**Report Card
--M&J Cazuela’s—another great breakfast. The egg/bacon/cheese toasted bun was delicious, and those potatoes…to die for! With OJ and Chaya…$150MPX including tip
--Sunday Ribs—on Matamoras near Captain Tony’s house. One order with all the trimmings $30MXP
--Pizza Rolandi—we’ll probably eat here again but I’m really not impressed with the service…wish they would be just a little more attentive and smile a bit! For the same prices, the pizzas and salad are larger and better at Angelo’s.
--Viva Mexico—a handy little store on Hidalgo where we often picked up late night drinks and snacks, as well as those yummy lime popsicles.

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