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Trip report 10/15 - 25, 2007

By: jackieinpdx2 (View Profile)
Date: 11/2/2007

My Webshots photo album from this trip

My trip started Sunday night 10/14. I stayed at a hotel near the airport that I had a coupon for a free nightís stay. My flight was scheduled to leave Portland at 6:30AM. At about 6:15 the airlines made an announcement that there were storms passing through Dallas and we would board on time but may sit on the tarmac for an hour or so. So we did board about 20 minutes late and sat for about 45 minutes before takeoff. Shortly out of Dallas the captain announced that we would be fielding for an unknown amount of time as all aircraft were due to another storm passing through. We ended up landing about 2 hours late. A note here that the new D Concourse is very nice, there are a couple of good restaurants and everything is clean and shiny new. My flight to Cancun was supposed to leave at 6:45PM but did not until after 8:30PM. I rushed through Immigration and Customs. My AGI driver was out front waiting for me and rushed me to the ferry only to have missed the last one by 15 minutes. The driver took me back to downtown Cancun and a couple of hotels to see if they had a room for the night.
AGI gets a from me.

The first hotel was $112 + tax and I said no thanks. The 2nd hotel was $55 so I took a room there. It had AC that was on but there sure was no air coming out of it. The room was horribly hot but I did manage to get a couple of hours of sleep. I donít remember the name of the hotel but I would stay there again but I would make sure the AC really worked in the room. I got up and left the hotel and got to the ferry just as the 7:00AM ferry was pulling out. I got my caffeine fix at the store and sat and waited for the next ferry. This was the first time in a long while that I didnít sit up on top of the ferry. I needed AC as I was still kind of steamy from the rushed shower in the really hot hotel room.
Yeah! I got to Isla. My first stop was the ATM at the bank. Walking to my hotel I decided to stop at Poc Chuc for my first Isla breakfast. I had the Torta Loco which is a great sandwich with egg, avocado, ham, chorizo, cheese, lettuce and tomato. I ask them to add bacon. All this for about $25pesos. I got to my room and cranked up the AC before I could start unpacking.

The owner of the hotel was concerned that I didnít arrive the day before. I explained the flight delays and told him I was sorry that I wasnít able to contact him to let him know.

After I unpacked I decided to walk over to the Posada beach. Chapoy was on paternity leave in Cancun with his girlfriend and new baby, Rogelio was off for a few days but Juan took good care of me. Ah to be back on the beach enjoying a cold drink and the fabulous view. Later in the afternoon my friend Denise and her friend Cheryl arrived from Iowa just as I was starting to dip into a huge plate of guac. They happily shared the good eats with me.

We didnítí really do anything new or different this trip We did rent a golf cart for 3 days rather than just 24 hours. We toured the island a few times.

We wanted to spend a day at Zamas only to find they were closed for construction, Bummer. Zamas is a great place to hang out for a day especially knowing that they no longer had a day tripper boat arriving for lunch.

One day touring the island we ran into Miguel and Rogelio outside the crayola house so I took some close up photos of it.

Here are some photos of around the island. I already posted a bunch of all of the construction sites.

The pool at Villa Vera Isla Mujeres

We looked at the nice boats at the marina at Villa Vera

Punta Sur rest stop

The colorful Pemex station

Condo Lol-Beh that I made an offer on earlier this year. My offer was not accepted and I decided it wasnít meant to be.

We spent many days at Sergioís Playa Sol. He has these new gazebos that he can move around as needed.

Ramon is now the manager and we had a great beach waiter named Miguel. We had excellent service and we made sure to tell Sergio about it. He usually only hears the negative things.

A busy boat day at Sergioís.

Beach vendors

Goodbye to Isla until December 27th.

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