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Zama Beach Club- Poor Management

By: brideinmex
Date: 1/16/2008

When I first came to Isla in May 2007 to plan my wedding it was hard not to want to choose Zama Beach Club. The idyllic setting, the wonderful food, great staff and of course the sunset views made the decision an easy one. However Zama was booked for another wedding on my date so I decided to have my wedding at NaBalam (which was amazing) and chose to have the rehearsal event at Zama. Hard enough to plan a wedding from a different country, there is no doubt a communication break down but I had everything booked and was sending out weblinks to my 80 guests. I know that after my trip in May Zama beach switched managers and I had a difficult time reaching the new manager. He did confirm my event at one point but 3 weeks prior to our wedding I got a call from a friend of mine who lives on Isla and she informed me that Zama Beach Club was being renovated. I was shocked. My wedding coordinator was shocked too..she had been informed of some minor renovations but was very surprised when she went by and checked and it was pretty much gone. We had to scramble to find another location and were extremely lucky to pull it off last minute. After I contacted the management of Zama and asked them about it the told me that they would try and accommodate the event someplace else but they never even attempted to contact me and notify me of the renovations. My understanding is that 17 events were canceled due to these renovations. We all understand that places go through changes and renovations need to be made but to book events and not even notify your guests of these changes is a sign of poor management. I hope they work on that once they get back to business...

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