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Vacation Journal
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By: marylaw (View Profile)
Date: 3/14/2007

I'm paying for all the fun I had last night. After a couple of fresh OJ's and some V8 I start to feel better. Mr. Smiley left today. HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY ,JOY!! Sandy and Patrick moved in last night. Our friends from home, Gael and Gary are arriving tommorrow. I'm excited. Ryan and Joe went to the Christalmar for breakfast and we stayed home. Lynn and Joe and Ryan and myself are going to go down to Garaffon de Castillo to do some snorkeling. Chuck's neck is really hurting and he can hardly move it so snorkeling would not be much fun for him. I didn't bring my camera cause I thought I'd have to leave my stuff out but they do have lockers. What a deal , it's just $40 pesos. It's a bit difficult getting into the water there, rocky and lots of coral rocks but saw some real cool stuff. There's one spot that has this tall piece of coral not sure what kind (maybe staghorn) but it was loaded with fish. I saw a BIG grouper hanging down near the bottom, lots of these small jet black fish with electric blue dots on them , christmas tree worms and some needlenose butterfly fish. You could just hover over this and watch the fish swim in and out of the coral. The colors were fabulous! We then headed out deeper towards these pilings we saw ahead. I spotted a dead sea urchin all bleached sitting on the sandy bottom and pointed to it. Ryan dove down to get it and handed it to me. What a good son! Then all this crap started pouring out of the bottom of it and I started to shake it to get the rest out. Well all of a sudden all these fish start swarming me. OH S_IT, I dropped that sucker sooooooo fast but the fish were still there. They were all over me, you couldn't even see the water there were so many. I am SCREAMING through my snorkel , LAUGHING, SCREAMING, LAUGHING , but seriously really freaking out. Ryan grabs me and starts to lead me away from the frenzy, I'm still screaming of course and Lynn was choking because she laughed so hard that she swallowed a bunch of water. Ryan felt so bad but it truly was a riot. We went back to the nice safe tall coral and watched the fish for a bit . Then we spotted a stingray on the bottom. Ryan had seen a big one when he was diving and I said, "did you stay away from it"? "No, I swam over it and rubbed my chest on it" Isn't he funny! We then moved on to another section closer to the shore that had alot of real large sea urchins, soft coral and saw another ray that was spotted. Decided we were done so we headed for the big cement platform that had a ladder. People feed the fish from here so there were alot of sargeant majors swimming around. I was waiting for my turn and suddenly I feel a tug and then a good pinch on my leg. "SOMEBODY JUST BIT ME" When I got out I was bleeding, what the hell! I can't believe one of those guys bit me. I'm so glad it didn't happen when we were out deep. I would have been afraid of hearing the JAWS music. DAH DAH....DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH. EEEEKKKK!!!!

Headed back to the house for lunch. I made lobster salad sandwiches with those yummy fresh rolls from the supermarket. SSoooooo good!! Lynn and the boys went downtown to do a little shopping and I laid by the pool. Then I took a walk and collected some coral.
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Played some tile rummy then Mim and I went to hunt for beach glass on the other side of the island. Found some great pieces and it was fun. Ther are lots of big pieces of bleached out coral. I grabbed a couple that have probably been there a while. They're bright white.

We all took it easy the rest of the night especially Chuck and Fredo aka Alfredo aka Alfred.

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