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Isla Mujeres 2007 ~ Day 21

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 8/24/2007

Isla Mujeres February 2007

Day 21

Monday March 12

“The Day Of Lasts…..”

The sunrise rises above the edge of the clouds on the horizon….

I sit on the balcony relaxing in the early morning peace….

Back to bed where I enjoy the view a little while longer…

The sound of rocks falling from a wheelbarrow wakes me a short while later….Hmmmm, 2 workers and 4 supervisors…reminds me of home!....

Time to take a little tour of our home sweet home for the past 3 weeks….

The pool area….

Vince, happily hanging onto the bottle of Tequila that Lee from CoMoNo’s picked up for us at Costco for $20USD…

The clean and busy streets near Roca Mar….

The malecon under repair in front of Roca Mar….

Construction of more condos….

Time’s a’wastin’, so after a quick brekkie, we are off to the beach for a last day sizzle….

Arriving at Buho’s we bump into Maria busily preparing her tray of nuts….

As we buy several bags to enjoy today, we tell her that we are on our way home tomorrow…she reaches out for a big hug! What a sweet lady!

Off to find a spot to roast for the day….

Vince gets the loungers arranged….

And we lay back to enjoy the view…..

Many dips in the sea…..

The perfect lunch….

We always had to share Maria’s pepitas with the birds….

Are we having fun yet?

Lazing away I look over and ask Vince….”Did you have a good holiday?” He grins and says “Yup, but it was too short!”

He teases me about my curly ‘Isla hair’….

I just try and memorize the view…..

Later in the afternoon, it’s time to leave our favourite spot on the beach….

We follow the sand from Playa Norte….

….to Playa Sol….

Ziggy greets us and quickly fetches our drinks….

We sip away as the sun begins to dip into the sea one last time….

We enjoy the end of the day quietly and then gather our things and begin the last slow walk home. Our feet are already beginning to feel heavier. Showered and changed we make our way to Hidalgo for the last dinner. We stop for hugs at CoMoNo’s with Jen and Lee….see you next year!

Tradition leads us to Angelo’s where I have Fettucine with mushrooms in alfredo sauce and Vince has grilled fish fillet.

Delicious as always and we take our time to enjoy it.

Too soon though, it is time to get back to the room to finish the dreaded task of packing. We fall asleep one last time to the soothing sounds of the waves crashing below our balcony…….

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