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Staying at Zina's - Days 3, 4 & 5

By: Kathryn in Iowa
Date: 5/24/2005

Day 3 - Got up and had a lovely pastry for breakfast. Zina is too generous and I am going to have to fight weight when I get home. Filled my water bottle, put on a swim suit and a cover-up and packed my overnight goodies and a change of clothing and headed to the dock. Had happy hour and a dinner date for the evening with the Cancun gang but wanted to get there slowly and shop and walk the beach. Stopped at the Clipper Club and had a swim and a pina coloda. Headed to the beach and stopeed at the Forum on the way to check things out and use the restroom. Headed to the beach and walked down to the Flamingo, through the lobby and out the front door and across the street to the mall. Bought some ankle bracelets for my neighbor at home who is watering my garden then walked to La Isla and had lunch and walked around and shopped a bit. By this time it was almost three so I took a bus to the Omni where Annette, Allen, Eric and Ann Maarie were staying. I walked through the door and down to the beach and walked the beach a bit and met them at the jacuzzi bar for happy hour. Two hours later we wobbled up to their suite. They had just bought 10 years worth of time shares at the Omni and were really happy. It was a beautiful suite and I got the fold out sofa in the living room. The Omni is a beautiful hotel in Cancun but I really prefer Zina's.

Took the bus to Kulkulkan Plaza and headed to Brant's party at the new OK. Wooo! Hooo! The new OK's is really snazzy compared to the old one. Very lovely and a super dinner. Leaving the restraunt, we headed for the cross walk to get across the street and down I went. Skinned my knee, bloodied my nose and forhead but nothing serious. Allen told me the next day, "no one has any busness walking through a construction zone in flip flops." Well, the flip flops matched my outfit so that was more important than safety.

Day 4 - Got up and dressed and headed back to Isla. Caught the bus to the ferry and off to Isla and breakfast at the French Bistro. Spent the morning at Playa Sol and had the Shrimp Cervece for lunch at Picus. Excellent but I think I would have liked it chilled. Walked back to Playa Norte and walked along the shore until it was time for a Sol. Picked up my dresses at Hortensia's and got on the bus and headed to the Colonia's. Showered, changed and laid down for a few minutes to read and dozed. I think that was the day that Zina woke me up and we gossiped on the patio and she told me about the neighborhood and I started to fall in love with the place.

Day 5 - I think this was the day we decided to go to Garrifon de Castillo and snokel. The days sort of get mixed up but every one was great. Had a terrific lunch at El Pueblito of green enchiladas. The portion was huge and I din't think I could finish it but I did. We snorkeled for a while and I took lots of fish pictures. My grandchildren love to see underwater pictures and dream of "swimming with the fishes." Zina and I sat on the beach and told each other our lifs's far. We were becoming good friends.

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