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Our delayed Isla trip....highlights

By: Jan/Bruce (View Profile)
Date: 6/5/2007

We had a 21 day trip planned for Feb./March, as we do every year. Unfortunately life got in the way this year and we were unable to go. The plane tickets were still usable so we rebooked for May 15-31. It was a badly need R & R trip, it has been a rough year at our house with some changes we did not anticipate.

I really can't do a trip report per se, the days all ran into one another and I stopped keeping a journal on about Day 2!

But here are some highlights.....
Saw several old friends, some we had not seen for several years. What a treat!! We also made some new friends, so easy to do on Isla.
Went to Contoy with Capt. Tony, as usual a very special memorable day! We are so fortunate to have Tony as a wonderful friend. Bruce also spent a day fishing on Tony's boat with Jeaninne"s husband Mike and his friend Rick. He had a great time.
Tried 2 restaurants we not eaten at before...Dragonfly (next to Fredy's) and the Cuban restaurant downtown across from Angelos (sorry, don't recall the name!). Great meals at both. Good mojitos at the Cuban place :-). No bad meals anywhere happy to say. One of our favorite places was closed, ComoNos. They were going to reopen this week.
Rented a golf cart for 24 hrs. and took a couple island tours. We went to the end at Punta Sur, we've not done that for quite awhile. Beautiful of course, once you get past those silly sculptures. The monstrous buildings going up are mind boggling, we find it very hard to believe the island infrastructure can accomodate the needs of these places. It is so distressing, the island is definitely losing some of it's quaint charm as these mega buildings take shape.
We had wonderful weather the first 12 days or so...warm, sunny, low humidity. Lots of perfect beach days! The last few days were somewhat rainy and much more humid, not complaining though!
Enjoyed visiting with our favorite beach vendors we have gotten to know over the last few years. They never expect, or pressure, us to buy but we always do make some purchases! (Anyone need a pareo...or an ankle bracelet? I have a few...well more than a few!)
Saw several great sunsets, one spectacular and a surprise after an all day rain. Also saw some gorgeous sunrises, we are early risers!

This was a special vacation, we absorbed all the wonderful sights, sounds, smells and have them stored in our personal memory banks....til the next time.

( pics...we are country bumpkins with a sloooooow dial up connection, just takes too much time and patience!)

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