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Scott and Michelle's Isla Mujeres Trip Report DAY 4

By: shell122898 (View Profile)
Date: 10/7/2005

September 18, 2005

So........this is our last full day to spend on the island. I wanted to make the most of it, but unfortunately we did not wake up until noon considering the partying that occurred the night before, so I was kinda upset about that, but you know what, that is what Isla is all do whatever rolls your way and the night before a good time was to be had with new friends from all over the world so we did that. Once we got up we rushed to get ready so we could go turn in the moped and get our golf cart so we could head down to snorkel at Garrafon. I had never snorkeled before so I was really excited even with the hangover. We got there and I still can't believe that the water is so beautiful there. It is breathtaking. We snorkeled and I fell in love with that. I think in about 5 minutes I used the film in both underwater cameras we had taken. It was so nice. We got on one of the things you can climb up on and laid out for a bit and then I decided to jump off the top platform, it was funny because once again, it was me and a oriental girl there and neither one of us spoke each other's language but we knew we were both scared and we were able to communicate through laughter and hand motions. We helped encourage each other and we both did it. It was quite silly because it was one of those things that once you did it, you were like......why was I scared? We snorkeled for a bit more and then we went back. We had to have the golf cart back by five. Oh yea the golf cart, was ok once you got it going, but if you had to slow down at all, it took forever to get to top speed so we decided not to slow down at all, so every speed bump we went over it was at full golf cart speed, it was histarical. Then we get back into town and are going down a street (I guess I was not paying attention) and I started to go through an intersection......(oh yea..the brakes were not good either)...and out of nowhere a taxi was trying to cross the intersection also. I had to slam on brakes that did not work, Scott was screaming and almost jumped out of the golf cart, the taxi driver looked at me like I was crazy....OOPS, sorry........we were running late because of my wonderful navigational skills because I thought that if you went down by the dolphin area, that that would eventually run back into the main road even though Scott told me it would not, and of course he was right it came to a dead end and we had to turn around. Anyways.......we were one block away from where to turn the golf cart into and I almost have an accident with a taxi. Go figure.....LOL......

Once we got through with that excursion we had to walk back to the hotel so of course we went down Hidalgo and looked in some more shops. At this point we still had not bought anything to take home, so we picked up a few things and I remembered it was almost sunset time and we had not seen our first sunset while there and it was our last night. We start walking fast towards the beach and got there just in time. Our last night there was the first time that it was not too cloudy. We walked out on one of the piers and sat there and watched the sun set below the horizon. We have watched the sun set here at our beach at home, but it is nothing like what we saw that day. Ok, now at that point I was probably misty eyed because I knew the next day we had to leave and I did not want to. We went back to the hotel and hung out at the bar some there and met Tom who frequents this board with his wife and daughter. They were awesome!!! They told us about the food that is served in the town square after church so we decided to go check that out.

Once we got there I remembered again why I had chosen Isla. This is where we had our best meal of the whole trip. We both ate dinner, had a soda and had desert for $10.00 and it was the best food. We got our food and sat and watched all the children play and the parents socialize. The children amazed me. I have children and all of my friends have children and I know that we have to constantly get onto them for doing things that they should not do, but for some reason the children we saw were not like that at all.

Once we finished there we went back to our hotel room and packed a little bit and went to bed. Day five to follow.....

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