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December 27th-Day 3!

By: Estrela (View Profile)
Date: 1/16/2007

Our alarm clock (baby Maya) woke us up this morning at 4:50am so we had plenty of time to get ready for our day trip to Chichen Itza. We walked out onto our balcony and could tell it was going to be a warmer day, but the day was overcast. Turns out it was to our benefit because we would have been WAY to hot for where we were heading! We walked to the ferry this time, but half the time we took a cab because it was much easier with the kids and only cost 20 pesos. We took the 6:30 am ferry and Cancun Valet was waiting for us at Gran Puerto. We've always had such great experiences with them. Our driver was so nice! He was friendly, very knowledgable, and spoke English well. He had a cooler filled with ice, pop, water, beer, and juice. We stuck a few of our beverages in there. I was very happy to have found Arizona Green Tea at Mirtita's so I stuck that in there to keep cold. The first thing I said to our driver was,"We need to go to Walmart first thing. Please take us there!" We strapped Maya into the carseat that Cancun Valet provided. It was iffy, but much better than nothing! Our 4 year old had a booster seat that we brought with us from Minnesota. It didn't take long to get to Sprawl-mart. It felt VERY wierd going there, but we really needed to pick up a stroller. The kids would have to take turns, but it didn't matter! So we pulled up and my husband and I sprinted into the store. It was HUGE! It took us 10 minutes of running up and down the isles to find the stroller section! FYI-far back right corner! We couldn't figure out which stroller went with which pricetag. We got a worker to help us even though we couldnt' communicate much. We wanted the cheapest stroller possible and it was $65!!! What a rip off. It was a junky little umbrella stroller. But we needed it so oh well! :) We paid and ran out to the parkign lot. Our whole group was standing outside the van because it was so hot in there. To sum things up our daughter cried pretty much the entire 2 1/2 hour time that it took to get to Chichen Itza. I felt bad for her because she was uncomfortable, irritable, tired, and whatever else. The big problem was that she is a MOVER...she never stays still for more than 5 she didnt' want to be strapped in. If my parents weren't with us on our trip we would have left Maya home with them and not taken her with us on "vacation". But I definetly have grown in the "patience" department after our trip! :)
So we arrived at Chichen Itza and not many people were there. The fee was around $7. We agreed to all meet back at the van in 2 hours. We could have spent all day there, but we needed to move along because of other stops. Thsi was my 3rd time there and it's just magnificent. I feel honored just to walk on the same stones that the ancient Mayans did. My husband took Maya so she could run around and be free. My son sat in the stroller and we walked around exploring, taking pictures, and talking about the Mayans. He bought a little pyramid from some young boys. He was extremely excited. He immedietly compared the mini pyramid to the real one and noticed the serpent going down the side. He asked many questions about the Maya and the ruins. Then he said when he's a grown up he wants to be an archeologist so he can help people decipher what the Maya were all about. I thought, "Wow! He definetly wouldnt' be getting all this knowledge from Disneyworld!"
I have never seen so many people selling things all along the paths. It really put things into perspective seeing how these people live their lives day after day. Again, I was so happy that my son could see how other people live their lives.
We went to the van and it was so funny(not at the time) because there were about 30 identical white vans! We finally found ours because we peeked in each one looking for a carseat. When everyone else arrived we asked our driver to take us for lunch. He took us to a beautiful hotel 5 minutes from Chichen Itza. It was a big buffet lunch. We sat down and started eating! There was a HUGE selection of food and it was so good! It was $10 per person. Every 15 minutes or so there were dancers performing in full costume on a big stage. Each danced with a tray full of glasses....gradually increasing the amount of glasses/BOTTLES. iT WAS REALLY NEAT AND THE MUSIC WAS GREAT! I looked over at Maya in her highchair and she was holding her bottle on top of her head to imitate the dancers she was watching! It was so cute. The drink prices were steep there-$2 for a pop!
Next we went to Cenote Dzitnup. We had been there before. We pulled up and right away swarms of adorable kids came up to us to sell pictures of the cenote. In perfect English they would say, "Hello. Remember me. My name is Maria". I handed out soem small toys and all the kids came out of the woodwork! Next we paid our entrance fee-it was 35 pesos. A man had a fruit cart and he was cutting up oranges. Dogs that looked MORE than half dead were walkign around. I couldn't wait to shop, but we were off to the cenote! More later...the drama queen is calling.......

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