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Here Goes Nothing...or Everything! April 5th, 2008

By: sandybunz (View Profile)
Date: 8/8/2011

Got up and wandered around town and over to Playa Norte for some exercise. We checked out the place we will be staying on the 19th through the 26th, the Media Luna Bungalows. The people in them now asked if we wanted to look around and invited us in. Turns out they are in town with 68 others for a wedding. Very nice people from Seattle with kids around our kids ages. They were intrigued about what we were doing down here for a month. Do we know yet?

Finally we meandered back around and checked out of our town digs which turned out to be quite adequate except for no balcony. Its nice to have a mini fridge to keep beer cold of course! Thankfully we only had to haul our 3 suitcases, backpack and guitar a few feet before we found a taxi to bring us south into the lower part of this 5 mile long island to Villa de Isla Bonita. We decided not to provision since we had so many bags and $45 pesos back to town later would be ok.
This place is bright yellow, open and very quiet! It seems empty but we did find a maid. Really needed to use my espanol since she spoke no english. She showed us to our Jr. Suite and since this is one of the more pricey properties we have booked, we were none too impressed with the room. Thats always the way it seems to go with us. Pay little and there are only one way for your expectations to go...up. Pay a lot and they are already there! The agent from our rental company (not sure if you can plug them here) who helped us book all of our properties was to meet us here with the keys to the rest of our rentals. When she got here, John said it really is not what we expected, a musty smaller studio room with three beds? and a view of the scruffy hillside, and no balcony... The place is totally empty for the week we are here so why not ask for an upgrade? She showed us a 2 bedroom condo called the Carrocolle and is it ever beautiful! The agent offered to cancel us out of this place and let us pick any other place. She said that Easter week the entire island was booked but now it is quiet and most places sit empty. John, ever the negotiator that he is, threw out an amount we would be willing to pay in order to upgrade. She called the owners in Cancun, a wealthy Mexican family, and was hoping Eduardo would be a bit buzzed since it is his birthday. Heck, she was hoping just to be able to contact them on Saturday, since in Mexico Sunday is family day and getting a hold of them for business might be harder. Turns out they accepted our offer and we are in the most beautiful space facing the aqua waters of the bay looking towards Cancun with palms swaying in the breeze. The best part about this property is that it has a pool, a few litle beach areas with small palms for shade, a long dock out into the water and beautiful gardens...And the best part...the entire place is EMPTY! We feel truly like rock stars. Actually there are rumors that Sienna Miller has booked this property and the one next to for her wedding. (that never happened) Our property manager was great in that she gave us wonderful hints about what to pay for golf carts, taxis etc. She said she plays dumb tourist and scouts places that will try to take advantage. She speaks fluent spanish and just shakes her finger at them if she finds anything untoward and tells them she will not send her clients to them. She has been a wealth of info for us.

So! We are looking forward to reading, sleeping in, hanging out and being bored to death!!!! Happy Anniversary to us!!!
The living room
Where I found John a lot!
And here
Where I prefered to be!
And here!
View from the balcony
Small beach in front of the Villa

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