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Chapter 3-Luna D'Meil

By: Kathryne (View Profile)
Date: 3/19/2007

We walked through Centro before our stroll home and found Casa Espana which we had actually walked by a number of times previously and missed. They sure got their money’s worth from their photographer because I was really impressed by their website & had almost booked there. We were so relieved that we had not. We saw both a medium and large room and they both smelt musty with no air circulation. The pool was dirty and there were miscellaneous “things” stored on stairwells and hallways. There was lots of noise from the local bar next door. Whew-a far from our choice of Luna D’Meil. Our room is very basic but pristine. We love that you can look one direction to see the crashing waves just feet away and the other direction to see the calm bay. We keep both the doors to the ocean open and the window on the street for the most amazing breeze. There is AC as well. Our little kitchen is well stocked but the bottled water was in short supply. When we requested mucho grande aqua, the lovely girl at the front desk hopped on her scooter to buy us the enormous jugs that have pumps on top. When we also shared with her that we hadn’t had anything but frigid water in two days, she had her “maintenance” man come to check it out. He & his amigo came & turned our taps on full and then went up to the roof. About a ½ hour later, he very patiently showed us the difference between the hot and cold tap as if the only problem was our lack of understanding. At any rate, we now know that you must plan for your shower by turning on the tap for a ½ hour before you spontaneously hop in. They waved and chuckled as they drove away, perhaps thinking –stupid Canadians don’t even know how to open a tap! The King bed is King in width but not in length so Doug’s feet hang over the edge but they do at home as well. The bed is comfortable in firmness but seems to have a plastic layer under the sheet making the feeling a little like a hospital stay. We love our choice of the three suites as we have the most privacy both on our Caribe and our Bay patios.

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