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Isla April 2010 Part 1~~ Getting there! Airport BS

By: rokky1 (View Profile)
Date: 5/3/2010

Every year I try to go to Isla around April (2nd into 3rd week) and again in October. From the posts lately, I made it just in time to bypass the mosquitoes that have come out of hiding. NOT ONE BITE! :)
I posted the pictures on the Chatter Board page, but I will also try to do it here as well. I fly on standby, and watched feverishly for seats on certain flights (one being on stop from Boston only on Saturdays)during the time the kids were on Spring Break (mine is in college, but I am a substitute teacher, and when the kids are OUT of school, I try to go somewhere tropical)
Doesnt look good, 2 seats show open, 3 of us on NO seats open it shows, as I watch the monitor above at Logan Airport. Beginning to bumm out, as I know the standbys for 1 stops to CUN go through ATL., and getting out of Atl. looked grim, from the people stranded from volcano ash fight abroad delays. I almost start to cry....NO ISLA!!!
Miracles do happen! They call me and the 2 other people at the last moment, they say you dont mind middle seat do you? I said I would sit in the lav if I could!! And I WOULD have if theyd let me!! OFF TO ISLA!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Arriving at Cancun airport this times seemed UNUSUALLY crowded from trips past. There seemed to be only 6 people working at the booths, but were at least 20-25 stalls. LINES of people, over an hour long wait. One group of 8 tried to "open" a new line (through closed off ropes) and walked right up...people were almost at a riot point from patience (and excitement to get their toes in the sand somewhere) and began booing and shouting "get at the end of the line" when they protested and shouting that they were getting "butted" by new comers from the escalators (there were NO ropes to aid the crowds coming down the escalators, so everyone just seemed to cut in. Luckily, they finally were ushered to back of line, but one women in group fought furiously and almost refused to budge. I was so relieved to get out of there. I hit the liquor store there to get my sky vodka, and surprised (later) the exchange rate there was better than it was on Isla (12.5). Had I known I would have exchanged my money there at the airport and gained about 40.00 for the entire trip! Oh biggie. I was just GLAD I got to Isla!!

Head out the ADO bus outside 40 pesos I think it was. The sun, the smells and air and sounds........ahhhhhh yippeee! MEXICO!! Take the bus to Cancun bus station, hop off and walk across street to take the small van (4 pesos) to ferry (I know 2.00US for cab, but I wanted to hit food market for a few things befroe getting ferry). It was beginning to rain, and was saddened to see rate had gone from 3.50US to 7.00 one way on ferry. Suggestion: buy R/T for 12.00 (I never bought R/T have because I am always worried I will lose the ticket) Enjoy ride to Isla and know the rain will be short lived (at least I am hoping)....and I start to chuckle about the story a woman posted last year. Not funny, but the thought of the WEIGHT of it was)She had her suitcase FALL inot the water from the ferry, and they were able to retieve it AFTER it had sunken. She went on the tell about the funny side of it all, and how she took the catastrophy so well. Could have been worse I guess if she had it happen going BACK home!! Anyway, I hop of boat rains stopped in 10 min., and I see the OJ vender, drank some fresh OJ, make the walk down the road..... clickity clackity of the wheels of the suitcase...lovin it already!

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