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Isla Journal Entry-January 1, 2008

By: Kathryne (View Profile)
Date: 2/3/2008

Saw the last sunset of 2007 but not the first sunrise of 2008. I am NOT in my writing spot as the rooftop hammock is occupied by one of our international dinner guests. Invited by the Kentucky girls (from Apt B) who now have names-Katie, Olivia and Jareth. At our rooftop dinner there were the three of them, along with our 11 and Kai from Holland, Julia from NY and a beautiful man from Mexico City. Supper did have some hitches-too many veggies to grill & too slow a fire but all was sensational in the end. Garlic prawn appetizer, pork fajitas, potatoes and peppers, rice and corn, chilli/lime mayo chicken, roasted beets and carrots, chocolate fondue with pineapple, banana, melon and strawberries. Jeremy was bartender and hauled a couple of blenders up to the rooftop for pina and mango cooladas. We headed to the zocolo (sp?) for midnight and it was very festive but pretty anti-climatic by about 12:15. I was so glad for an early night as I feel quite wonderful as I write this. At 9:30 am I have already enjoyed a couple of hours of the day. The kids are still asleep but the neighbour girls are up and chatty.

Had a lovely afternoon at Sergio’s yesterday and saw another wedding that was much less lavish than the one at Sunset Grill. We got a few sunset pics of Jeremy and Jon break posing on the dock and diving in afterwards. Our legs are aching from all the ups and downs of the stairs in prep for the rooftop dinner so I think that it will be a quieter day.

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