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Isla Mujeres 2007 ~ Day 4

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/25/2007

Isla Mujeres February 2007

Day 4

Friday February 23

“Sunrise, Sunset and OM”

Why would today be any different? Well, after last night’s behaviour, I thought I might sleep in or at least be suffering. Nope! I feel great and bound out of bed at 5:50am…..

This view will clear up any hangover!...

Then again, I am a little tired, so after greeting the morn, I slip back into bed…just for a few more minutes. Yeah, right. All of a sudden it’s 9:30! Get up Vince! The day is slipping away! He’s being a slug so I pop in my Turbo Jam DVD in the player and burn off a few of those pomegranate margaritas.

Off to breakfast, right downstairs at La Cazuela M & J’s….

Vince has Omelet Holbox and chaya, while I have a fruit plate and water. I did steal a little nibble of his ‘mashbrowns’. They are soooo good!

Off to the bank to get more pesos..9.33 for Canadian today, excellent! Then it’s off to Vince’s favourite place, Burgos. Cheeklet has our moped ready and waiting for us and we decide to get it for the next 2 weeks. Vince hops on and is grinning from ear to ear. Ahhh, it takes so little to make him happy! Get me to the beach! We zoom off and end up at Sergio’s Playa Sol, finding many of our amigos already there…

It’s a toasty afternoon…34C with 51% humidity. Lots of dips in the water and some great lunch from Ziggy….

By 4 Vince is itching to take the moped for a zoom around the island, so off we go, exploring the colonias and enjoying the views and vistas everywhere. The dog near Punta Sur is still guarding the roof…

We arrive back in centro just before sunset and enjoy the view from the Posada beach…

A beautiful ending to a very relaxing day…

Back home for showers and we bump into Stacy and Colin and their new-found friends, Ted and Lynn from Vancouver. They invite us to join them for dinner at Rolandi’s and we happily accept.

Vince and I share a salad, pizza, water and a rum and coke…$200MXP including tip. Service was good, but all of our bills were mixed up and the other couples were charged extra for ‘sharing’ dishes. They ask for the manager and get things straightened out. Might be something to watch for on your bill.

With tummies full once again, we all wander off to OM Bar and Lounge, where there is live jazz music tonight. We climb the spiral staircase carefully to the upstairs and get comfy on the loungers. Drinks are ordered and we enjoy the guitar and bongo player…they were good! Stacy ordered a ‘really good margarita’….$70MXP. Colin just about flips when he has to pay!

We linger for an hour or so but I’m not about to repeat last night’s performance so we leave the others to party. Off we go under the twinkling stars, finding home sweet home just around midnight.

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