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MX 2005 - Isla Mujeres - Day 7

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/4/2005

Mexico 2005

Isla Mujeres

March 2 Day 7

“A Long Day With Too Much Fun!!”

It’s really really dark this morning…I can’t see a thing! Those new dark blue denim curtains really help to keep the sun out. Wait a minute!! I can’t see because I’m looking at the back of my eyelids! Yikes! Sure enough, as I feel my way to the bathroom mirror, my eyes are glued shut…wonderful! I turn on the tap to get the hot water moving and then search for a face cloth. What fun…NOT!

As soon as we get ready, we are off to the Supermercado in search of eye drops. I point to my bloodshot eyes and use some hand signals for drops. She’s not overly helpful, but does hand me a little bottle that says ‘Ojo Rojo’. Well, my Spanish is good enough that I can figure that out to mean ‘pink eye’. I don’t have pink eye (had that before and this was not the same, thank goodness), but these drops will probably help. Off to get a few breakfast goodies and then it’s back to the room to indulge in drugs and drops…sounds way more fun than it was!

Over breakfast Vince decides that he would really like to try a moped. Colin and Stacy have been enjoying theirs so much…looks like a lot more fun than a golf cart. I agree as long as he goes slow and if I don’t like it, we won’t get it for more than the one day. Agreed. Off I go in search of Colin and Stacy so they can help me negotiate at the spot that they rented theirs. As I come out of the Roca Mar there’s a great commotion on the street! An excavator is being moved up the street via rubber tires, towards the malecon. It’s actually quite funny to see the scurrying going on as people who had been enjoying breakfast at M & J’s suddenly had to vacate their seats to make room!

I run back up to the room to tell Vince what’s going on and he gets out the video camera. Looks like work on the malecon repair has begun!

Once the excitement has passed I get back to work and head off down Guerrero in search of Stacy and Colin. They were staying at Casa Isleno Apts II, which is right across the street from the new coffee shop and the moped rental store. They just happen to be coming out the door as I arrive so Colin takes me over to ‘Bugar’s’ and negotiations with ‘Cheeklet’ begin in earnest. He’s a sweet little guy and soon our deal is done. We have a brand new bright yellow Honda Beat moped until 5:30 tonight for $250MXP. I sign a form and leave my driver’s license, then dash off to get Vince.

Work is still going on by the seawall….we ask Ino if they know what they’re doing and he just shakes his head. Should be interesting to watch over the next few days! We tell Ino that we are off to get a moped and he teases me about ‘backseat driving’. Of course! Isn’t that what I’m on there for!

Back to the moped where Vince gets a few instructions and then I suggest that he take it around the block before I get on. He has driven motorcycles before but it’s been a while! I stand by the curb thinking that he’ll be back in a minute or two…five minutes go by, then 10. Cheeklet starts looking at me like I’ve likely been dumped! Finally, Vince arrives…’Where were you?!’ Seems that he bumped into Stacy and Colin on their way to the beach and just had to show off that now he had a moped too! Boys!!

“Let me on!!” I’m a little nervous for the first few corners but soon, I’m enjoying it as much as Vince. We take off along Rueda Medina and then turn left at the naval base and head off down the east side of the island. We decide to stop in at Karyn’s new house to see if she happens to be there. It’s a rough driveway!..

Karyn is not home and the house is rented out to a family from Minnesota. They tell me that Karyn is staying at the Posada so we’ll look for her there later.

Back on the moped and we head off towards Punta Sur. We’ve never gone up in the lighthouse before, so we climb the stairs to enjoy the view of Cancun in the distance…

That was thirsty work so it’s only a few steps away to the restaurant for some tasty margaritas!

Vince is eager to get back on his ‘hog’ so off we go once again. Up the west side of the island where we stop in at Playa Lancheros. We’re not hungry enough for Tix-n-xic, so we just get a cerveza and a coke and plop down on the sand for a rest. I need a cool down so carefully avoiding the sea grass, I enjoy a cool dip. The place seems to be crawling with a fair number of day trippers so our visit is short and sweet.

Back on the road, we turn up Sac Bajo, remembering the torrential downpour that we experienced on a golf cart here last year. We drive all the way to the end and then Vince takes advantage of the empty road by putting the pedal to the metal. I put a halt to that pretty quickly though! My hands are in a very convenient location for getting my point across! ;)

Once we reach centro, we stop in at Posada del Mar in search of Karyn. After much discussion with the fellow at the desk, he insists that they have no Karyn staying there. Well, we tried! Sorry Karyn! As we come out of the Posada, we see Colin and Stacy involved in a beach volleyball game and they quickly ask Vince to join in. Oh boy, this should be fun! I can’t remember the last time Vince played volleyball!

The volleyball net was actually built with some pipe scraps that Colin found on the beach. Wonder if it will still be standing when we come back next time! It turns out that the other fellows playing are from Kelowna…a city about 30 miles from us. Small world!

They have fun and Vince actually impresses me with his agility…will he be able to get out of bed in the morning, I wonder! The boys work up a thirst and cervezas are fetched. We enjoy the late afternoon sun and then decide to head out on our twin ‘hogs’ for a ride.

We agree to follow Colin and Stacy, and in record time, he has us going down a one way street…the WRONG way of course! Oopsie! Back on the right track, he leads us off down the east side, past the baseball field..I make a mental note of the taco stand that I’ve heard so much about. We follow a dirt road up a hill and come out right by Villa Las Brisas. The boys see the sign for ‘ice cold cerveza’ and pull up quickly! We stopped here back in 2003 to check the inn out. We grab a chair and order a few drinks and sit back to enjoy the view…

Curtis, the owner comes walking by and we begin some friendly small talk with him, but he makes it quite obvious that he doesn’t have time to chat. Hmmm….kind of the same thing that happened last time…not sure if we’ll stop by here again, even if the beer is cold.

Time to get back on the hogs or we’ll miss the sunset! We dash off with Vince and Colin having a bit of a race. When we stop, Stacy is laughing and says she could hear me yelling at Vince to slow down or else! Boys!!!

We pull up at Sergio’s and Stacy and Colin say that they haven’t been to his bar yet. How could they miss it in 2 weeks of holiday! Stacy and I get dropped off while Vince and Colin return our moped. Colin has his moped until tomorrow afternoon…their last day.

Happy hour drinks are fetched and Jan and Bruce join the fun.
The boys get back just in time and we all sit back to enjoy the show…

Time to walk home…we’re missing the moped already! We arrange to meet at Stacy and Colin’s for before-dinner drinks. We quickly shower and change and I put contact lenses back in. The drops are helping my eyes but they are still weepy and bloodshot. I’m probably recontaminating them by putting my lenses back in, but..oh well!

We arrive at Casa Isleno Apartments II by 7:45. Rum and Cokes are poured and the chatter begins. Amazing that we have lived in the same town for years and yet our friendship develops on Isla. What a magical place it is!

By 9:45 we realize that we better find some dinner soon or we’ll go hungry tonight. It’s Stacy and Colin’s last night so we suggest a splurge dinner at Bamboo’s. We find seats right on the street and enjoy watching the foot traffic go by. Vince pulls out the video camera to capture the moment and the boys get silly….

Definitely the night for giggles!

The food arrives…Vince and Stacy have the filet mignon with mashed potatoes, veggies and salad…Colin had the rib eye…

And I had the pineapple shrimp…

We also enjoy a Rum and Coke, Strawberry Margarita and Cerveza. Our part of the bill comes to $435MXP…the 15% tip was included in the total. Watch for this as some restaurants do include it so be careful not to tip twice unless the service is really exceptional!

The band is wonderful while we enjoy our dinner…they play a whole set of ‘Laley’ which we really enjoy as we have most of their CD’s. Out of nowhere a fellow appears and greets Stacy and Colin as if he’s a long lost friend…

Then it’s our turn…

After he’s gone I ask Stacy who he is…she has no idea but has seen him around town!

Feeling stuffed it’s time for a walk. We make it about half a block and have to stop for another drink. I think the bar was called Brisa Mexicano and we quickly made friends with a fellow from Alabama. Vince and Colin have fun talking to him when they hear that he is here to find a ‘relationship’. I’m sure they offered him lots of wisdom!

Even the dogs wanted to get in on the conversation!

The shenanigans continue and somehow we ‘ended’ up with this picture!

Maybe it’s from all the laughing but by 1am my eyes are burning once again and we begin the walk back home. Stacy and Colin decide to check out La Pena so we say goodbye to our newfound friends there. We’re off to Playa del Carmen tomorrow so we won’t see them tomorrow. Enjoy your last few hours on Isla and safe flight home!

A long day, but so fun-filled! As always, I fall asleep with a smile on my face…..

**Report Card
~~’Cheeklet’ at Moped rental—I believe the place was called ‘Bugar’s’---sure hope that’s the name! Great fellow, nice new mopeds
~~Punta Sur restaurant—Great view, good margaritas, $70MXP for 2, good service
~~Villa Las Brisas—Cervezas are cold, but so is the host…sorry, but we won’t go back for a third visit
~~Bamboo—Good food, nice presentation. Our meal was a little expensive but there are cheaper entrees on the menu. Good music
~~Brisas Mexicana—small bar on Hidalgo across from Adelita’s. Fun bartender, good drinks

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