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Isla Mujeres 2007 ~ Day 15

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 8/3/2007

Isla Mujeres February 2007

Day 15

Tuesday March 6

“Friends, Food and Fun!”

The sun greets me as I step onto the balcony….

I’m happy to see that it’s not as windy today…

Back to bed but I have trouble sleeping as I’ve come down with laryngitis and a cough. I never get sick when we’re on holiday, but I guess there’s always a first time. I get up again and sit on the balcony until Mr. Sleepyhead is awake.

There are workers repairing the malecon…

It’ll be nice to walk along here again when they are finished…

Over the past few days, hammocks have been hung at the Roca Mar…Might have to try those out later!

Vince is up now so it’s time for brekkies. We’re both hungry so it’s off to M & J Cazuela’s. Vince has an omelet Holbox and chaya while I have scrambled eggs, bacon and the famous ‘mashbrowns’ and agua…$136MXP + tip. Delish! That should keep us happy for a while!

Off to the Internet….The Beat Internet…down Guerrero, across from Burgos moped rental. Their rates are good and the air conditioning is always on! Vince chats with a fellow there who is working on his laptop. It turns out to be ‘Daniel from Vancouver’…a photographer that happened to be on Isla Mujeres during hurricane Wilma. His photos were amazing….unfortunately he doesn’t have them on his website any longer.

Next stop is the shop on the corner of Guerrero that sells jewelry and ceramic dishes. I buy some more ‘Hernandez’ dishes for my collection from Alejandro. He is always very fair.

While we’re doing some more window/stall shopping, we come across this fellow. Jean and Rich had told us about a fellow wearing this shirt and we just had to take a photo of it. It was Jean who first told us about this ‘saying’ last year during a fun-filled evening! We still laugh about it!....

By 12:30, I’ve had enough shopping so it’s off to the beach across from Posada. Roger fetches some comfy chairs for us for $80MXP and we get settled next to Jan who is already into her book. The sun is in and out for most of the afternoon, but it sizzles when it is out.

It looks like they are trying to build a bit of a berm to stop the sand from leaving the beach and settling on Medina.

Ingrid and Rick arrive on the beach for their last afternoon. Just before sunset the boys zoom off to get a rotisserie chicken and we proceed to have a picnic on the beach….

Delicious as always and only $50MXP, including all the trimmings. Watch out though, the peppers are hot!

The sun sets as we lick our fingers and sit back to enjoy the show….

Time for showers and a quick change and then we meet the gang at CoMoNo’s. Lee and Jen are great hosts as always….this is one of our favourite restaurants and we highly recommend it!

We start with labeneh….a mild cheese dip with bread and several orders of shrimp tempura with sweet chili sauce. We also have falafel, which is chick peas with tahini sauce, some cheese balls, spicy wings, spring rolls and one of their famous huge salads. I have a yummy huge strawberry margarita too. We split the bill 7 ways…$165MXP each.

It was all great and everyone is full and happy!

After much laughter, Faith and John leave for home and Ingrid and Rick go back to Roca Mar to pack up. They are leaving for Playa del Carmen for the next 4 nights. Jan joins us on a walk up Hidalgo where we hear the banana nutella crepe calling our names! I don’t think Vince managed to get a taste as Jan and I devoured it! It’s Jan’s last night too, so we have to squeeze in one more treat…off to Color de Verano. Vince and I share a fruit bowl with strawberries, kiwi and blueberries with chantilly cream. Jan has a chocolate mousse. We literally roll out of there!

We walk Jan home and give her hugs goodbye, happy to know that we will be seeing both Jan and Bruce next February. Off to our own beds, where I happily crawl into my ‘princess bed’ for a sound breeze-free sleep!

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