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Mexico 2008 ~ Day 16

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 5/27/2008

Mexico 2008
February 14 – March 9

Isla Mujeres

Day 16 Friday February 29

“A New Place To Lay Our Heads”

Well, today is the day we try something new and different. After 99 wonderful nights at Roca Mar since 2003, we are moving on to a new place. We will forever have special memories of Roca Mar as it was the first place that we stayed and while Ino was there, we wouldn’t have thought of staying anywhere else! It will be interesting to see how the Roca Mar changes over the next while. It will always be a gorgeous location. We were very lucky to find a new and beautiful townhouse to stay in, so it’s time to pack up the suitcases and haul them just a few blocks away.

We’re up early and eager to move everything before it gets too hot…

Vince takes several trips back and forth and soon, it’s time to say hasta luego to Room #310…

I’ve seen every sunrise from these chairs….

We didn’t spend a lot of time around the pool, but it was always a quiet, private spot to relax…

And the Roca Mar ‘rock’….maybe the benches will be back again someday…

One last Roca Mar balcony photo….

It takes us the rest of the afternoon to unpack in our new little home (I’ll post photos of the townhouse in another report). We walk just up the street to the navy store for supplies. Vince dashes off to Super Express to get a few more things and then goes to CoMoNo’s for the food we have ordered for our PARTAY!!! A couple of quick showers and we are ready just as our guests begin arriving!

The chicas gather on the balcony…

We catch the sunset from our front doorstep…

And then the food is spread out on the table….rotisserie chicken, lots of goodies from CoMoNo’s (they even added some extra things!), guacamole, salsa and chips,fresh fruit…

We all sit back to enjoy the feast!

It was another great meal shared with the best company!

Jean, Jan and Frank…

And of course, what better time to do our annual Beach Back photo! Yes, Frank, you can join us!

And it’s all downhill after that….’dancing with the stars’ isla version!...

The fun came to a sudden end….I had just finished lighting some candles for the perfect ambiance and then, Bang!!! Out goes the power! It was quite windy that evening and there was some sparking on the lines just a few doors away. The generators for the navy base came on and gave some light in the area. Under candlelight, we cleaned things up and put leftovers away and then it was off to Hidalgo for more fun.

We lost Jean, Rich and April to dreamland, but found Frank and Joe at Bamboo’s. Time for a cool drink…

We sit back and enjoy the music as well as the dancing….there was a couple there from Europe that could have been on dancing with the stars for real!

It’s only a few steps away for ice cream, so we manage to make room for dessert. Vince and I walk back home, finding it a little strange to walk past Roca Mar. We arrive home to find that the power is still out. It didn’t come on again until the next morning! With windows and doors closed it was quite a warm sleep, but oh, was it nice and quiet and no need for a princess bed to keep out the breeze. The sound of the waves was nicely muted and we both slept like babies after a busy, fun day.

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