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August 2008~~Our Isla Mujeres day trip

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 9/10/2008

Mexico August 2008

Day 1

While most of you probably know that we enjoy spending nice long holidays on Isla Mujeres every February, our first draw to Mexico was the Iberostar resort. We still return to the Iberostar for some wonderful pampering, and what better way to celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary.

We arrived at Iberostar Paraiso del Mar on the afternoon of Thursday, August 21. We decided that we would do a day trip to Isla Mujeres right away, before we got too lazy. So, bright and early, we were off to the highway to catch a colectivo to Cancun and then a taxi to the ferry. Soon, we were drooling over the gorgeous colours of the water….even more spectacular in the summer, compared to our usual February holidays…

Isla comes into view…

First stop is the ATM at the bank across from the ferry….got the best rate here as it did not charge us $10MXP like the bank in Playa del Carmen did. Next stop is M & J Cazuela’s as Vince has been craving a cazuela since March! Pedro is quite surprised to see us, but happy to have customers as he says it is very slow. Make that very slow and very hot!

The food was great and we assure Pedro that we will be back in February for more. Off to the malecon to check out the progress on it, and the renovations at the Roca Mar. The malecon looks wonderful…just hope they built it to last this time!

Malecon to the north, past Le Peńa…

To the south, past Roca Mar…

The Roca Mar rock…

The next photos show the renovations in progress at the Roca Mar. From what I could see, the 2 bedroom suite on the 3rd floor is no more….the huge balcony with the suite is divided now. All the front windows and ‘shutter’ windows were gone, replaced with some very nice sliding doors. The rooms on the end, nearest the pool, that had the extra window….those windows are sealed up now. Anyway…on to the photos…

The reception, pool area and beach house remain unchanged, so far…

From the street…

I’m sure the renovations will make Roca Mar a very popular place to stay (then again, it already was!). No idea what the new rates will be. We fell in love with the Roca Mar in 2003 during our first visit to Isla Mujeres. Since then we have enjoyed 99 wonderful nights there. We really loved the ‘funkiness’ of it…it wasn’t fancy, it was just ‘homey’, and we so enjoyed our visits with Ino. We have so many wonderful memories. But, things change and progress and I’m just glad that they didn’t demolish the whole place and put up a huge condo. We look forward to seeing it all spiffy someday soon.

On to the beach! We sweat our way to Playa Norte….it’s about 37C, 80% humidity and no breeze at all…

Towards Buho’s…the beach is definitely improving here…

Turning around….the beach is not recovering here as much....

We enjoyed the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing more than trying to cool off in the water….didn’t work as the water was hot too! I’ve been on Isla Mujeres in the summer before and it really is too hot for me….maybe it’s not the heat, but the humidity and the lack of any breeze. By sunset I was longing for air conditioning! We had planned on having dinner on Isla so we wandered up Hidalgo to CoMoNo’s. We talked to a fellow there and he told us that Lee was in Israel for a wedding and Chen wouldn’t be in for an hour…but, good news…they are engaged! Congrats to Chen and Lee! We left Chen a note to say hola and since it was 6:50pm, we decided to run to the ferry and head back home to Iberostar. After a day of traveling yesterday and not being used to the extreme heat, we were pooped.

It was perfect timing to leave, as we had a great view of the sunset….

It was gorgeous…

Getting back to Iberostar was painless….taxi to the bus station and then colectivo to the Iberostar…took about an hour total.

We looked a little scruffy by the time we got back, but decided to head straight to the Del Mar buffet…had a few bites and grabbed a kahlua on ice for the walk back to the room.

It was a great first day!

Doreese y Bince :)

I wont be posting the rest of our holiday here...if you are interested, they can be found at or photos can be seen at (photos will be added over the next week or so)

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