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MX 2005 - Isla Mujeres - Day 17

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 5/11/2005

Mexico 2005

Isla Mujeres

March 12 Day 17

“A Day Of ‘Lasts’….We’re Not Ready To Go Home Yet!!!”

Every morning for the past 17 days, I bound out of bed in anticipation of what I will find as I peek through the curtains. Today I can barely drag my body out of bed….must be the sadness knowing that we only have about 25 hours left on Isla. Or it could be that it’s only 5:30 and my aching bones aren’t quite awake yet! But, boy, is it worth getting up to see this….

And this…

And finally…this…aaaahhhhhh…..

As I sit on the balcony in my quiet solitude watching this magnificent display, I begin to wonder if I’ll be waking up at home at 5:30 every morning. Not likely! With a smile on my face I hop back into bed and dream a little more until 8. Time to do a little more packing while Mr.Sleepyhead still snores away.

Soon it’s off to breakfast at M & J Cazuela’s downstairs. We find Jan and Bruce just finishing up and join them at their table.

It’s our last breakfast so Vince goes for the full meal deal…Cazuela Holbox and Chaya, while I have my usual toast, OJ and of course, potatoes on the side! Jan tells us that Captain Tony just drove by and is going on a snorkeling tour. Vince’s ears perk up…we’ve been trying to go on an Isla snorkel tour since 2003 but the wind has never cooperated. I don’t really want to spend my last day in a boat and swallowing salt water but I encourage Vince to go. Not exactly the way we had planned to spend our last day but I know Vince will regret it if he doesn’t go.

We gobble up our breakfast and bid adios to Pedro…”see you next year!” Upstairs where I quickly throw the snorkel gear into a bag for Vince and he dashes off by 9:45. See you later on the beach honey!

I quickly throw beach stuff in a bag and walk to Playa Norte. Hmmm….as I walk along it’s kind of fun to be on my own. Although I’m kind of missing the moped ride this morning and have to keep my eyes open for Isla face-planters to trip on!

Arriving at Buho’s I decide to get an umbrella so I can have a bit of shade if I need it. I plan on roasting as much as possible today so the shade is mostly for my water bottle. With my pareo spread out in the sand, I assume last day roasting position. It’s always so fun to come home and stand next to very white winter people!

I gaze at the water…

I read my book and wander off to Buho’s to get my free pop. It’s kind of fun to be on my own. With 3 kids and a hubby, the only place I usually go on my own is to the grocery store, so this is a real treat! Faith and John walk by and stop for a chat and a little while later Jan and Bruce stop by. Thanks for the visits amigos….were you all checking up on me!?

It’s super toasty and I can feel myself sizzling. Enjoy it now girl as it’s all going to peel off in a few weeks! Some fellas stroll by and call out to me….”You’ve got the best tan on the beach!” Woohoo…quickly forgetting that I’m married and 45, I smile and strut. As they continue their stroll a few more feet, they see the cute Italian girl next to me, darker than chocolate and wearing a thong. Calling back to me, they smile again…”Oops, second best tan!” I shrug and smile anyway…thanks for bringing me back to earth guys! Ok, Doris, just read your book!

Around 2 Vince arrives with pizza snacks in hand. He’s all excited about the snorkeling with Captain Tony and in between bites he tells me about the fun. Here are a few pictures of his adventure…

Captain Tony at the helm…

This is Vince….I think! 

The time is slipping away from us, so it’s into the water for a last long dip in that soothing water. I’m willing to bet that a few more weeks in that water and my torn knee cartilage would heal itself!

Vince is eager to have one last ride on the moped before we take it back, so by 4:30, I fold the pareos one last time, careful not to get rid of all the sand…I want some home with me! One long last look at Playa Norte before my toes leave that wonderful sand….

Back to the room in a flash where we drop off our beach things and then it’s off to the ATM machine to get some pesos for the moped. We bump into Cheeklet, the moped fellow at the bank and tell him that we’ll drop it off in about 20 minutes…we just have to get in one more ride. We drive in as many circles as we can….up Rueda Medina, around the loop by Jax, back down Medina all the way to the naval base where Vince puts the pedal to the metal for one last thrill. A quick u-turn and then it’s back up Medina, all the way to the end once again, around the loop and back down one more time! I’m getting dizzy! We nod and wave to the lady traffic officer at the big tope…we’ve seen her so many times over the past week! We turn onto the street leading to Roca Mar where we stop in for a picture of our ‘Pepe’….

We’ve had so much fun on this moped…I don’t know if Vince is going to be able to let it go! But go it must, so one short ride down Guerrero where we give Pepe back to Cheeklet. We take a look at the odometer and note that we have put on 200kms! That’s a lot of Isla circles!

With no moped to ride we have to use our feet to get to Playa Sol to enjoy our very last sunset at Sergio’s. We are not disappointed!

Jan and Bruce join us…..

Bruce offers to take our picture and captures a candid moment…

Okay…we’re ready now! Hair is messy but sort of in place!

Faith, John and Marianne arrive and there are drinks all around courtesy of Bruce! ¡Gracias Bruce!

The gang!

Faith and John

Faith and Marianne

The sunset is gorgeous and we savour every moment…

Vince gets creative…

A new swim-up bar perhaps?!

Adios sol….until next year!

Feeling a little sad and wistful, we can’t help but smile as we see the moon smiling down on us!

As dusk falls we agree to meet our amigos at Angelo’s for dinner around 8:30. We walk back home, stopping in at the Supermercado to pick up the required supplies to take back home….Mayonnaise with ‘limon’, strawberry jam and Japones nuts. Time for a shower and some more packing and then it’s off to wander Hidalgo.

Our amigos have a table already and we happily join the fun…

Dinners are ordered…Vince shared a mixed salad with Faith, and then ordered Cheese and Spinach Ravioli and I had my usual…Ortolanta with Fettucini….

The boys with their dinners…

The girls with their dinners…

We have a wonderful time together….how lucky we are to have met such warm, kind and amazing people. It was a true pleasure to share this time with you and we are definitely looking forward to more of the same next year!

With big hugs and sad goodbyes said, we wander off to the Internet to check on our flight…maybe it’s cancelled! No such luck, darn it all! We take our final walk on Hidalgo, savouring the sounds and sights. No evening would be complete without another lime popsicle….yummm! I’m definitely going to miss these! Oh heck, is there anything that I’m not going to miss!

One last quiet walk through the zócalo where we stop to watch and smile at the kids playing basketball. Up the three flights of stairs for the last time and we retreat to the balcony in the moonlit darkness to enjoy the shimmer of the moon on the water and the soothing sounds of the waves….morning will come too soon….

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