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Day 2 (July 17th) Water, water everywhere..but not a drop was drank

By: sungrl (View Profile)
Date: 8/20/2011

Day Two: Today was going to be a beach day. I urged (ok..preached) that everybody drink lots and lots of water. I told Sam you would not realize how much you are dehydrating when you are in the sun and in and out of the water. I told a story (that was told to me by my plane seatmate) of how a man over indulged,dehydrated,fainted,cracked his get the picture. Don¡¦t mean to use scare tactics but thought it would have a greater impact. We will get back on that topic later..

Woke up early and peaked out the patio door and it looked like it was shaping up to be a glorious day. Had a little breakfast and took a stroll down the Caribbean side. They have added a few new statues over the past 6 months on the island. (thought I had a pic or two to put here...but guess not)
On the way back we walked down Hildago and admired the paint on Don Chepos.
I always like walking in the morning and watching everything come to life and it is so peaceful.
Headed off to the beach by around 10 and made a deal with Tarzan for 4 chairs and umbrellas. Spent the day in and out of the water and floating around on our little spring up papasan floaties.
In the early afternoon I ran and grabbed ribs and brought them back for the girls and we enjoyed lunch on the beach. Nice relaxing day. Samantha ended up getting the front part of her hair braided and I slathered sunscreen on her parts¡Knothing worse than a sunburned scalp. Em had a couple braids put in, as did Bonnie. At one point as I was laying in my chair a young man came up and started talking to me. I apologetically told him that I had very limited Spanish¡Kthat did not deter him as he sat down and started telling me many stories¡KI kept explaining that I did not understand but that was ok..he did not mind..after I while I was melting from the heat and told him needed to take a swim...he was all for it and wanted to swim with me..that was not quite what I meant and apologized and said adios.
Around four we decided to head down to the soggy pesos for a couple. Headed back to the room..took a refreshing dip in the pool..showered changed and headed out. That is one thing I have to give all the women I have traveled with credit for¡K.we do not spend much time getting ready and getting going.I love that..nothing worse than spending half your vacation waiting. We have been known to get in and out of the room in record time..and looking pretty good if I do say so myself ;) . It is when we are getting ready that Sam notices she may have had a tad bit too much sun as there is a blister forming on her chin..not too first. She notices a slightly smaller one on her cheek. Well, the one on her chin starts swelling and fairly quickly it has become the size of a quarter or so..taking on a life of its own...that is when I decided to name it Carl. Much easy to refer to Carl than that thing on your chin. Carl more or less stayed with us for the duration of the trip. George the one on her cheekbone left.
So we catch a cab off to the Soggy Peso. Only a few people around.
Sam met up with their spider of course and Freddie pulled out his gun and we were all "shot"
We were only there about half an hour when Bonnie starts telling me how hot her calves are she mentions this a couple times and I find this odd..usually shoulders,face, arms are toasty...but calves?? We finish our first drink and decide an ice cold coca light would go taste great and switch to that she mentioned that she was feeling quite warm and gets up to get some air she stands and looks out at the ocean and comes back and tells me she does not feel quite right and promptly sways and starts to go down..I jump up and catch her..get her stable and then her eyes roll to the back of her head and down she goes. Freddie and I are there to hold her..lay her down. I thought she might have just died in front of us. She had a pulse and was breathing..relief! They promptly brought ice and water, which once I dumped some, on her..she was back with us. After a little while of drinking a little..cooling off pressure points..staying somewhat horizontal..we decided to get back in a chair and get a little more water in her. Once she is feeling ok we catch a cab and head for home. Back in town we get some Gatorade and tacos off a stand..Bonnie is feeling much better. We take in some of the activities that are going on in the square for "Whale Shark Festival. The sun and evening excitement has taken its toll on us and we head for home. Several times during the night I find myself getting up and checking to make sure Bonnie is still breathing.

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