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January 2008. Pictures of Isla Worth 1000's of Words.

By: modeville
Date: 1/20/2008

Sorry about the excess material here. Please forgive and ignore all but the pictures. Those you can enjoy!!!LOL.
This palm tree was taken at the Yacht Club. Lunch here is so relaxing. The music was tasteful as well as relaxing. The Mango Daiquari's were divine.
href="Ąt=IslaJan2008098.jpg" target="_blank">Lunch at the Yacht Club was wonderful!This Palm tree appears to be a survivor.
[IMG]href="Ąt=IslaJan2008096.jpg" target="_blank">View from  Wedding Room Isla Palace Resort View from Wedding Room at Isla Palace Resort
[IMG]View from Isla Palace Resort A view from one of the rooms at Isla Palace Resort
[IMG]View atop Elements where we enjoyed YOGA with Lisa View atop Elements where we enjoyed YOGA with Lisa
[IMG]Sunrise with closed lens Sunrise with closed lens
[IMG]Isla sunrises are spectacular! Sunrises on Isla are spectacular!
[IMG]El Comejen did a fine job for our Lobster Fest! Lobster Fest at El Comejen.
[IMG]Fishing boatsView from the back of El Comejen
[IMG]Jorge & his fishing netsJorge provided us with terrific lobsters
[IMG]Look out for the sting ray, Francisco! Francisco, watch out!! It's a Sting Ray.
[IMG]They loved the glasses and necklacesThe girls loved their glasses and necklaces!
[IMG]Repairing the sea wall cont.Repairing the sea wall is hard work.
[IMG]Repairing the sea wallMore hard work on the sea wall.

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