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Dec. 13-22...Day 7

By: Char (View Profile)
Date: 1/19/2007


Up to the rooftop with my coffee again. I love starting the day this way. After my morning jolt, we headed to breakfast. We went to this little place down the street from our apt. Our friends called it Gabby's, but I didn't see any sign that said that. lol They had had a fruit plate there that they raved about, but I needed something more substantial. Silly me. lol In all fairness, "Gabby" was not there the morning we went, but this was the only bad food I had the whole time I was there. I got some type of omlet with ham and cheese inside 2 tortillas with beans on it. However, there was no egg in it! lol It was just really bad, and very slow even though we were the only ones there. Like I said bad meal in 10 days...not too shabby!

OK...enough negative! lol Today we went snorkling. My first time!!! My girlfriend, H, Brian (the 19 year old son of one of my traveling companions that we mortified at the pier) and I went to Garrafon Castillo (the hotel next to the park). $5 taxi ride with a wonderful driver and we were there before we knew it. It cost $4 to get in and $6 for snorkling equipment. I had borrowed a life belt to use. We settled into chairs on a little area near the beach. The water was just gorgeous. Such beautiful colors. Oh...I think I'll share a little funny that happened the day before. Since I had never snorkled before, my girlfriend thought I should practice on Playa Norte. She taught me how to put the mask on, and how to use the snorkle. She said, "now put your face down in the water". I did this. It was just down right freaky to have my face in the water and still be breathing! lol Took me a little bit to get used to the idea. She gave me a few minutes and then said, "ok, now kick up your feet and float". I said, "NO!" (with my mask and snorkle on...with my face in the water.) She laughed and said, "kick your feet up!" I again yelled, "NO!" She then put her leg under me and knocked me off my feet and said "you're in 2 feet of freaking water!!! kick your feet up!!" LOL I finally got the hang of it and loved it! Found some great shells.

OK...back to my story. lol We relaxed on the beach for a little while, then headed to the water. Walking in fins is a trip! That I had NOT practiced. lol Tons of fish swarmed us at the beginning. That was a little freaky, but when they figured out that we didn't have food, they moved on to the next snorkler. lol Is that even a word?? I loved the pole that was in the water with the coral growing on it. The one someone described as an upside down Christmas tree. That was so cool. And there was this huge brown fish with attitude hanging around it, looking at us like "and what do you want???" lol I assured the fish I was just looking! We saw an anchor that was pretty cool, and these amazing neon blue fish. Also saw 3 different types of fish swimming in schools. They had offered us a boat trip out to the reef, and showed us pics of the things out there. It looked really cool, but since it was my first time, we decided not to go that far out. Maybe next year. :) I did get freaked a couple of times and did the "jerk around looking behind me" thing. Saw Jaws one too many times I guess! lol But we really had a wonderful time.

We relaxed on the beach some more in those cool low chairs they have, then went up to the restaurant/bar and got quesadillas and shrimp cocktail. The shrimp cocktail on the island is different then we're used to, but it was good. We snorkled a little more, then packed up to leave. There was a taxi just waiting for us, so we headed back to the north end. I only speak a little spanish, and Brian and H speak less, so I was trying to ask the driver if anything was going on in the Plaza tonight. I mistakenly said 'anoche' (meaning LAST night) and got the wrong info. Oh well! lol

Will continue later...

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