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Carlo & Stacey's 1st Isla trip - Day 3

By: islaorbust! (View Profile)
Date: 5/16/2006

Isla day 3 Ė 4/16 Happy Easter!!

We again rise at dawn, to yet another gorgeous sunrise! Paradise! Breakfast isnít served at VLB for a few more hours, so we decide to read a while and discuss our plans for the day.

Itís finally breakfast time, and we are starving!! Weíre wondering what Curtis will be fixing for us. We grab a cup of coffee, and chat with Curtis and Ashley a while. I donít know what kind of coffee this is, but YUM! I love the hint of cinnamon.

About 25 minutes pass, and I smell some wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen! Curtis presents us with huge Enchiladas Suizas, surrounded by banana and pineapple slices. I am in gastronomic heaven with the first bite. Delicious! We eat every morsel on our plates, and are pleasantly stuffed.

Off to the beach we go to lounge and relax. We rent chairs and an umbrella near Chimbos. The beach is crowded with lots of families celebrating Easter. We love watching the families together, truly enjoying each otherís company.

We arenít settled more than 15 minutes when our first beach vendor stops by. Itís the pepitas lady!! Yum, weíll take the spicy peanuts with lime!

Next I buy a little purse, then some bracelets. I love shopping while lounging in a beach chair! What fun!

We bake and swim, and bake a little more. This is the life! But, hey, Iím getting hungry againÖletís get lunch!

So, we roam around the beach a bit to check out whatís available. We both like the looks of Sunset Grille. Hmmm, what to order, it all sounds good! Carlo decides on the Fish Marnier. Itís two large fish fillets marinated in a mixture of orange juice, Grand Marnier, onions, tomatoes and orange rind. Fabulous!! I have the shrimp ceviche, which was good, but I really loved Carloís fish. Luckily, his portion was so large, there is plenty to share! Great service and great food! Isla truly has some wonderful eateries!

We head back to our beach chairs to lounge. Itís hot today, not very breezy. I see the Paletas cart heading up the beach...must have one. I choose the coconut, and LOVE IT! (I had a coconut italian ice today, hoping to satisfy the huge craving I've been having for one of those coconut paletas - didn't help one bit!) We do some more baking and swimming. Itís late afternoon now, and weíve had enough sun for one day.

Back to VLB for a dip in the pool, and some more lounging. We float in the shady pool on some rafts, happily sipping Curtisí wonderful pina coladas. After weíre completely water-logged, we read in the lounge chairs and hammocks until sunset.

Well, itís time once again to get ready and head to town for dinner. We have already had two phenomenal meals this day, and arenít really sure what weíre in the mood for. We decide just to wander down the streets, and let our noses choose.

We stroll down Hidalgo, and decide to try some tacos Ė I think it was at Tacos Medinas?? I have tacos pastor, and Carlo has a combo of beef and pork. They werenít bad, but didnít really hit the spot. I decide I need coconut shrimp, so we stop at Faynes. Carlo orders garlic fish and we both try the sangria. We have high expectations from all that we have read about Faynes, but ultimately, are somewhat disappointed in our meal and the service we receive. Oh well, maybe itís just an off night Ė it is Easter, so who knows.

We wander around el centro some more, and then head back to VLB. The moon is sparkling on the water of the Caribbean, and the breeze is steady and cool. Weíre exhausted, so we decide to call it a night. Tomorrow is golf cart day!! That should be fun!

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