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Days 3 and 4

By: Kasha68 (View Profile)
Date: 3/8/2010

Okay, so next time I am going to bring a journal so I can remember exactly where I went and on which day. I thought I would remember it without using one, but the days and meals just kind of run together--which must mean it was a great vacation to not know or remember what day it was! So, while most of this is accurate, I may have a few meals/days switched around...but you all get the idea that its just fun in the sun!

I cant tell you how helpful the mapchick maps were! They are so well used folded and refolded a million times!

Day 3: We woke up to a relatively nice day after wonderng if it was going to be cold and windy all week. As I mentioned, the hotel we stayed at (Posada del Mar) was very comfortable, and we enjoyed laying by the pool as the beach had been too windy to really enjoy (sandstorms!). Our whole mantra for the week was Ci, Como No?!--and if you go to Miguels we wrote that on the wall below the clock behind his bar--
Anyway, we got going around 7am each morning and this morning we decided to go to breakfast at Cazuela M & Js. We both ordered their special which was a HUGE amount of food! Fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, tortillas, potatoes, toast, and coffee--and I cant remember if there were beans on the plate--but I ate it all! I also ordered my fresh orange juice. It was a great and we both walked out of there really full. I wish I would have marked down what we paid for food each time I will. But we estimated that probably spent 10-15 for breakfast (and I ordered a lot), and 10 for lunch, maybe 20-30 for dinner. Totally we figured we spent around 100 dollars for food and drink for us--and we just ate and drank when and what we want without really caring about the price.

After breakfast, we walked to the Ferry boats to send off our friends--it was sad for them to leave, but I sure was glad it was them and not us yet! We then walked along the streets, enjoying the sights of the vendors getting ready again for the day. The local people are so friendly there, they always had a smile and an Hola for us.

We got back to our hotel and got ready to relax by the pool area, soaking up the much needed vitamin D (hey, its been a long MN winter!!). My boyfriend also treated me to a massage by Gabby at the hotel. It was the same price as you would pay in the US, but we were on vacation! After the massage I had to wash away all of the toxins that she massaged out of my body, so I figured a pina colada would be just what the doctor ordered. Romis a great help with that.

I eat 6 small meals per day usually, and my body insisted that I continue that trend while on Isla. So, who am I to starve myself when there was always something so good nearby? We had heard that both Soggy Pesos and Tinos ribs were great. We didnt have a golf cart and felt kinda lazy, and Tinos was just around the corner from us, so thats where we headed about 1130am. He did not disappoint. The food was excellent! We took our food, grabbed a few beers (sol and superior) from the store on the corner, and ate out by the sidewalk near the beach, watching people go by. Then we walked around for a bit along the beach--I was so surprised at how much of the north beach got eroded from the wind the previous two days. The water was right up to Chi Chis and Charlies beach club bar area! Many of the folks were scrambling to dig holes in the sand and bury the seeweed-I only imagine this somehow helps to slow down the erosion?

After our walk along the beach we decided to head back to the pool area and take a siesta in the sunshine-all that eating and drinking tires a person out! After a while, we went and stolled into town to grab an afternoon drink and had a couple at Coyano (or something like that--its a newer place on the corner owned by a nice couple from Vancouver).

We then went back to our room, cleaned up and headed out to Miguels for the famous pom margurita. We had a great time here. I had a few of the poms, then a few more and Miguel whipped me up something so good but I dont remember what it was--we ended up eating our dinner here. I had the coconut shrimp and my boyfriend had the lobster. It was okay--nothing exciting, but still good. We stayed for a while longer, then headed back to the hotel, hoping there would be no hangover the next day!

DAY 4-- No hangover! YAY! Woke up to the sound of blowing wind (again) and it was a bit chilly, so I donned my pants and sweater and we headed out for our morning walk downtown to find something good to eat. This morning we decided to try the Pancake House Chicago Deli. Okay breakfast--nothing earth shattering, but we never had a bad meal on the Island. Some were just better than others. The owner was a nice person and we chatted with him for a while. After breakfast, it was back to the pool area as it was too windy for beach time. I was a little disappointed that the wind was so strong, but hey, it was still sunny and a whole lot warmer than Minnesota! We stayed by the pool until lunch time, then headed to Quabanos for lunch. We were going to order the chicken sandwich, but Vivian suggested the Cuban, so we ordered that and the Hungarian Potatoes. OMG. GREAT lunch! It was served very hot and it tasted really good--she does a great business and I see why. The restaurant only had 4 tables inside, so its not a big place, but you can certainly make friends easily with the other customers and enjoy the time!

Pool time in the afternoon, intermingled with a little shopping and a siesta. Managed to catch a beautiful sunset. Dinner tonight was at Don Chepos--we sat inside, but facing the street, so we had a great view, yet we were out of the wind! I had the beef tacos and my boyfriend had the chicken mole. Both were very good. We finished the dinner off with coffee with kahluha and flonn as it was chilly out at night.

Day 5 was the golf cart day! What a fun day that was! Had to get out of dodge as the President of Mexico was visiting Isla. More later...

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