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Ang and Dale's Trip, Day 4

By: Angndale (View Profile)
Date: 10/4/2005

Ang and Dale's Trip
Day 4, September 2005

This morning was our snorkeling trip with Captain Tony Garcia. We couldnt wait. I had bought Dale a mask for our anniversary that had his glasses prescription in them so he could see everything clearly! He was excited too.
It was sunny and the water was calm and clear. Perfect.
But, we got there too early and Captain Tony sent us away to come back in a couple of hours.
We decided to spend our time doing some more shell hunting. There is a shell hanging in the lobby of the Playa Media Luna that we just love! We want to recreate that at home, so we are busy collecting shells for our little project.
At 10:00 we headed back to Captain Tony's casa. We talked to his Dad again. I love that guy! We dont even speak the same language and yet he seemed so warm and loveable and he kept trying to tell us some story about Tony and the alarm clock and he was laughing the whole time! We just laughed along like we understood what he was saying. Tony came out and we talked about what we would be doing and where we would be going. It would be a private tour, and we were totally ok with that at a little extra pesos. Captain Tony's brother "Mario" came with us too. Another equally likeable guy! He was great. He went into the water with us and Tony watched over us in the boat. We headed out to El Farolito. Tony told us the story about how the Ferry came to rest there during Hurricane Gilbert many years ago, and the fate of the two other ferry's that had been tied up along side of it. He said one of the ferry's came to rest in the middle of the Cancun Hotel Zone. Anyways, now the ferry is just a tetnus shot waiting to happen. We put on our gear in the shallow water. We were the first ones out there this morning. I went under and the first thing I saw were squid! Mario said it was really rare to see squid around there. There were also Parrot Fish, a school of barracuda, and these little yellow striped fish. They were all really fearless and would swim right up to your hands and face and underneath you. We swam there for a long time and then we went to Sac Bajo which is just around the corner. The parrot fish here were even more colorful and there was beautiful purple fan coral everywhere. I dove down and picked up a conch shell on the bottom. It had a HUGE hermit crab in it! I put it back... I actually found a "road treasure" while I was down there too. For those of you unfamiliar with that term, it's when you are on a road trip and you see something on the side of the road that you decide you MUST have to give to someone else. Like a tape measure, or a life vest, or a shoe...etc... Ok, sounds sick, but you have to be there. It really makes a trip fun.
Anyway, we are snorkeling and Dale spots a weight belt on the bottom! We try to tell Mario but he cant hear us, so I decided that I would just dive down and get it. Now I used to be a lifeguard once upon a lifetime ago, and I'm a certified scuba diver so I thought this would be no problem. It was only about 10 feet down. So I took a big old gulp of air and dove for it. I grabbed it and picked it up and it must have weighed 20 pounds! The first thing I thought of was that there was NO WAY I was going to make it back to the surface with that thing. Then I thought, I can do this. I can make it! I AM WOMAN!! ha ha! So I started kicking those flippers and headed up to the top. I actually made it. I grabbed my life jacket that was still bobbing on the surface there that I had tied my camera to and stopped kicking....then I started sinking. Mario looks over at me half submerged and says "you ok?!!" I pointed at my "road treasure" and his eyes just lit up! He said OH Thank you!! And he took it from me and swam it over to the boat. Finders keepers ya know. Kind of like Dale's lost hat yesterday.
Well, that concluded our tour. We told the guys thanks. We really did have an awesome time with them.
We showered and had lunch at Pinguinos. Then it was siesta time again! We are getting so lazy.
After Siesta we went shell hunting some more and then off to eat dinner. Tonite was dinner at Angelos on Hidalgo. Wow! What a great meal. I had the clams and shrimp over linguine. It was perfect. Dale had the meat ravioli. Sergio/Hector, whatever...saw us from across the street and came over to harass us a little. Tonite his name is "Monica". ha ha!! After dinner we went over to Fayne's and listened to the live band. Dale lit up his cigar, and we stayed till we were tired then went back to the castle.

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