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IslaToni's Day 4

By: IslaToni (View Profile)
Date: 6/3/2006

Day 4 - Monday, May 15, 2006

Donna and I were the first up this morning. We were sitting on the balcony, having our morning coffee. Marcee, with eyes barely open, opens up the sliding glass door, looks at me and says, “you’re mean, I hate you”, and she closed the door. Donna and I just looked at each other and laughed. Such a marcee moment. Marcee got her coffee, joined us out on the balcony and we asked her what the heck I did. She said that she had gotten up early to use the “facilities” and then went back to bed and had this bad dream. It had something to do with this beautiful five bedroom house, where we were staying, but the room that we were staying in was a dump! Now, marcee and I have been friends for about 4 or 5 years now and have never had an argument….what for? We both very easy going type of people. Anyway, in her dream, she said that I kept telling her to shut up and go away, but she didn’t know why. So, she woke up mad at me. Lol! And then there was this guy sitting there and she kept asking Candace who he was and Candace wouldn’t answer her.

Drinking our coffee we decided that a tour of the island in daylight is the order of the day, but first to Hortensia’s for marcee. She picked out three really pretty pereos. Hortensia wouldn’t be there until later on, but her daughter was there. Took the measurements and said that they would be ready by noon tomorrow. Oh my, she must have a lot of orders! Donna found two dresses that were already made up. On to breakfast at A&G’s. Saw Jan and hubby there and they were going to spend their day at the beach. Finished up breakfast and around the island we go.

First, we stopped at the Turtle Farm. I was very disappointed in what Wilma had done to the outside walk-around decks/piers (whatever you would call them). They were all broken up and no big sea turtles. It made me very sad. I did ask where they all went and they said “out to sea”. Very sad, indeed. We then toured the inside pools and at least there were some medium-sized turtles there.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The gift shop there was even gone. All that was there were some chips and drinks for sale and maybe some T-Shirts.

Next stop was Playa Gaviota. I wanted to see it since Roman and Carmen had sold it and also to see if they had any damage from Wilma. Candace and I stopped to look down from the top of the stairs/street. It looked sooooo barren…barren of foliage. The Palapa between the stairs and Roman’s house gone! We walked a little further and the big trees on the side of Roman’s house and behind the two bungalows, gone! It used to be like an umbrella of shade. Also, Roman used to grow his own palm trees from coconuts, along the side….gone! We walked towards the water and the big palapa…at least it was still there. We stopped to take it all in and then I turned around and noticed that the small palapa was gone! I used to wake up in the mornings (when we had stayed there all of those past years), grab my book and coffee and go sit under the little palapa, watching all of the boats/workers go by. What a beautiful memory.

Also, it was pretty much deserted. No one was there, no new owners, no guests. Oh well, on with the tour. Stopped just south of Garrafon so Donna and Marcee could see the beautiful colors of the water. Garrafon was still closed. Have no idea when it will reopen.

Down to Punta Sur. It was still closed, too, so we just walked around and shopped the vendors. I asked when they thought they’d be back open and he said that the restaurant should be open in another two weeks, but he didn’t know about the rest. Unfortunately (in my opinion), those modern, metal statue things are still there.

I had a delivery to make to Big Jim and I told him that we would stop by today. It was probably around 1:00 or so by this time. We stopped and they weren’t there. I figured that they were probably lunching at Soncocho’s. We’ll come back. We’re getting pretty thirsty by this time, so we stopped at Villas las Brisas for a cerveza or 2 or 3. We sat out at one of the tables on the other side of the pool. Candace was a little sleepy, so she took a siesta in one of the hammocks.

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As we sat there and I told them about the rooms, etc., their wheels started turning. Do you think that we could check out of the Posada and stay here? They fell in love with the décor, the rooms and the gentle breeze on that side of the island. I said that we could try if they wanted. Curtis came over and chatted for a bit and we asked him if he had any availability. He went to check, but they are booked through Sunday. Oh well. It was a nice thought. Had a couple more cerveza’s, Donna tried one of their marguerita’s and said it was good.

I figured it was late enough that Jim and Carmita would be back. We ventured back on down there and sure enough, the golf cart is there. I had never met Carmita before, so I introduced myself and daughter and friends. She welcomed us with open arms. Carmita is a very lovely lady! Jim was sitting on the back porch. He and Carmita were playing Rummikub, which is one of their favorite things to do. Big Jim looks great and is getting better every day. Sometimes still walks with a cane. Jim and I made the exchange of his memory stick and pesos. We then just sat and talked. Once again, Donna, Marcee and Candace were in awe of Casa de Morgan. They loved the view and the pool and the wonderful breeze.

Carmita gave us the grand tour of each room. I pointed out the best feature of each cabana, which was the built-in shelf where us women can easily shave our legs! Love that. The girls loved each and every room and wanted to stay. I inquired if they were taking guests and the both said that they would love to have us stay. The only thing is that they don’t do breakfast in the mornings anymore, but we were free to use the kitchen at any time. The only thing they ask is that we keep our own groceries in the fridge in our room and, of course, clean up after ourselves. No problem! So, we told them that we would check out of the Posada the next day and would be back. Hugs and goodbye’s….see you tomorrow!

Back in to town and I wanted to show them Nabalam and that end of Playa Norte. It looked like they had rebuilt the bar or maybe it was the new platform with the tables that looked so different. We decided to have a little bite to eat. Candace and Marcee had ceviche and Donna and I had the fish tacos. Even though these fish tacos were the more traditional (fried), it was good. We do prefer the fish just grilled. We really haven’t had a bad meal yet. Left Nabalam and went back to the Posada. Donna, Marcee and I went to the pool and Candace went up to take a siesta. Karen, Carl, Linda from Houston (LKinHouston) and her crew were all at the bar having a good time. We swam and had a couple of happy hour pina coladas. We were all pretty tired and decided to stay in for the night. We played cards and were in bed by 9:45pm.

Tomorrow we move to CDM.

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