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The Fab Five Family Ruins and Isla Tour Part II "Akumal"

By: Mark in KC (View Profile)
Date: 7/9/2008

As previously reported our family of five will spend our first four nights in Akumal, the next three in Vallodolid and finish up on Isla. Our morning started well as we arrived at the airport in plenty of time for our 7:30 AM flight for a 10:30 AM arrival time in Cancun. No line at check in. Easy boarding with all of us together and an open seat in the middle. It looked like we were on our way to Cancun in time for a leisurely drive down to Akumal with oppurtunities to check out playa del Carmen and other beach fronts along the way. As the captain was making his final checks, all the power in the plane went off. The back up electrical system had failed and we were informed it would take about an hour to fix it. An hour turned into two hours and finally the news that we were not flying this plane to Cancun. However a plane was coming in from Denver and we could take that one to Cancun and this one they would fly with passengers back to Denver. (Crazy Yes but better them than us) I hope no one had loved ones flying from KC to Denver that Sunday! As we know the best made Mexico plans are made to be patient. Finally we arrive in Cancun 6 hours late but we did get $500.00 in flight vouchers and a free lunch and free in flight TV. Woo Hoo! Thanks Frontier!

We were not surprised that our Econoccar representative was not to be found. But a quick phone call fixed that. Time was ticking the sky was misting and we wanted to get to Akumal before dark. We got a nice Dodge Avalon to drive. We wanted to pay our $450.00 a week rental fee with CC. This was to include all insurance and unlimited miles. They conveniently asked if I could pay 60 in cash (So they could get their commision) and the balance 390 on the card, of which they exchanged at 11 peso per dollar. I think I just tipped them 60 bucks. I may have caught that but I was so amused as they were looking for a CC slip and rubbed an ink pen sideways over the card under the slip until the numbers came through. I am sure my identity was not jepordized on this transaction. All in all... Jorge was nice, the car was in great repair, AC worked and we needed to get to Akumal.

We decided not to stop on any side trips on our trip south. We were not sure what, how or where we would find our condo Iguana #5 in Akumal after dark. The ride to Akumal was easy, no traffic, nothing crazy. My teanage daughter was riding shot gun and reading along on our mapchick map but after awhile she got bored with her duty and assured me there would be big signs , marching bands and a parade to welcome us when we got there. You got to love teenagers! Yes? as luck would have it darkness had set in just before we arrived in the Akumal area and not knowing exactly where we were going it was difficult finding the turn off to Akumal and even more chalengeing finding our Condo. Find it we did but the office was closed. Fortunately a sign in the window read "Welcome Blanck Family, your room is unlocked and the keys are on the table" It had a little map to show us how to walk to the room. The area was quiet but we could hear the Ocean. The area was dimly lit but it was lit as we found our way to the room. We found a door that we thought was our room and entered. Armed with our cell phones as flash lights we looked for light switches. One thing I have noticed is you never know where you will find the light switches in mexico.
Sure enough there were keys on the table, this must be our room. We could hear the Ocean through the huge picture window and feel the breeze as it flowed through the rooms. Unfortunately, we could see very little as it was a very cloudy night. It had been a long day of traveling and we were ready for our first meal in Mexico. We drove back to a place called "La Cueva del Pescador". We were not disappointed. The service was fast and freindly. The food was fresh and tasty. We feasted on fresh fish and garlic shrimp. Then back down the road to our condo for a good nights sleep.

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