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Stacey's restaurant reviews...June 2006

By: islaorbust! (View Profile)
Date: 6/21/2006

I don’t have the energy or the will to write a trip report like last time…instead, I highlighted the food in this installment, and in the next part, I will share my favorite Isla moments from our June trip.

SANCOCHOS: We all had fish tacos, and shared the guac and chips. Food was good – not superb. The service was friendly, but VERY SLOW! We were still hungry after finishing our tacos, but didn’t have the patience to wait another hour for another round.

SUNSET GRILLE: Had a few lunches here, and one dinner as it was close and convenient. Service was FANTASTIC – especially Marco A. But all the waiters were great with the kids. Food was hit or miss. Seemed their ‘kid friendly’ items were good…loved their chicken fingers and fries. Guac was pretty good too. But, had their ‘special menu’ one night for dinner, and we were very disappointed.

CHILES LOCOS: YUMMY! Loved my coconut shrimp! Kids had fish fajitas, which were tasty. Carlo had fish filet, which was delicious. Wonderful food, great service, nice atmosphere! One of our favorites.

CAPTAIN TONY’S LUNCH AT ISLA CONTOY: Everyone’s favorite meal – hands down. BEST fish and guac ever!

COCTELERIA PICUS: Another favorite. Not the greatest atmosphere, but the food was FRESH, DELICIOUS and super CHEAP!! My garlic shrimp were fantastic…garlicky, buttery goodness! Carlo had Pulpo Veracruz style, which was tender, savory and tasty. The kids had shrimp in some sort of pancake batter, which were crispy, greasy (in a good way) and delicious. We wanted to return a second time, but didn’t make it.

PLAYA LANCHEROS: The Tic n Xic was OK – we were very disappointed after all the hype we’d heard about this place. Service stunk. Our fish was very dry - and not so tasty. The side dishes were a bit bland. Captain Tony’s was 100 times better. Banos were horrifying – dirty, smelly, buggy, and no TP.

TACOS CAMPOS: Worth the hype! Tacos were delicious, lots of fixin’s to choose from. Loved the tacos al pastor – very moist and tasty! Service was a mix – our waiter was surly, but one of the other guys working there was very helpful and kind. You must have the Chocomilk!! Luckily (from what we’re heard) we didn’t need to use the banos there!

EL VERADERO: FABULOUS!! Another favorite! Wonderful garlic shrimp! Carlo and the kids had fish, which was cooked to perfection. VERY fresh! Service was wonderful. Love the atmosphere.

BAMBOO: We went to Bamboo on its re-opening night. Food was VERY YUMMY! But, the service left a lot to be desired. We tried to be understanding because it was our waiter’s first night, but after he came back for the 3rd time to verify our order (which we gave in English, and then Spanish because we realized there was a language barrier --plus we pointed at our selections on the menu) we started to get a little frustrated…especially since we only ordered 2 things!! Finally, a second waiter came over and took our order for the 4th time, and all was understood. I am really looking forward to returning once the service issues are ironed out.

LONCHERIA ALEXIS Y GIOVANNI: Simple, yummy breakfast – and cheaper than cheap! They even made instant Nescafe taste good!! Friendly service as well! Will definitely return.

COLOR DE VERANO: Awesome breakfast! Fruit salad was really fresh and tasty. Crepes were nice. Great coffee drinks, delicious food, and swift, friendly service.

GOZALO: Great sandwiches and salads…especially the spinach salad with walnuts! Great to take to the beach with you!

ELEMENTS OF THE ISLAND: My strudel was microwaved, and seemed old. Carlo really liked his eggs and hashbrowns. Kids had yogurt with honey. Coffee was delicious, as were the little dolphin cookies. Service was very nice and thoughtful.

SERGIO’S PLAYA SOL: Loved the service! Rogelio is a hoot! Food was OK. I had the chicken enchilada with mole – was OK, but way too much mole for my taste. Kids had hot dogs – which looked gross to me, but they liked them. Carlo liked his meal, but didn’t rave about it. Would return for drinks, and Rogelio’s company, not necessarily for the food.

SUPER EXPRESS: Lots of breakfasts, lunches and snacks from here. LOVED the pastries! Especially those pink muffins. Also the huge sugar cookies are addictive!!

LOLO LORENA: We ordered some bread from Lorena…which she delivered to us at Nautibeach. It was still warm when she arrived!! It was SOOOO good! Expensive, but worth it!

Two other things that I MUST mention:

PEPITAS from the pepitas lady on the beach! Is there anything better??? Plus, she is SO sweet!

PALETAS TUIGGI! Coconut! Wish they had been roaming the beach this time…we had to track the guys down in town to get our fix! Delicious!

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