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Day 2 - Monday, March 6

By: Wanda_W (View Profile)
Date: 5/4/2006

Monday, March 6

As always, when I stay at the RocaMar, I am awake in time to watch the sunrise. I grabbed my camera and headed out onto the balcony. Oops, seems the battery was dying. It was fairly cloudy on the horizon that day, so it wasn’t much of a show. I watched for a bit, put my camera battery in the charger, and then decided some more shut eye was in order. I still hadn’t felt like I had completely recovered from my LOOOOOONG travel day and first day.

I set my alarm since I was meeting some friends at Amigos for breakfast. It was another glorious hour of sleep, listening to the wonderful sound of the surf. I love staying on the Caribbean side of the island. While some people might find the surf loud, I find it soothing and really miss it when I leave.

When my alarm went off, the sun was streaming through the RocaMar shutters, shining on my face. I had this odd thought that I should be wearing sunscreen…………………lol.

Happy that the sun had shed its cloudy cloak, I hopped out of bed, ready for another day of fun. Hopped in the shower…..remembering this time to take the tile off the shower drain. Duh?! Yesterday, I had forgotten and had encountered a bit of a flooding incident. Shhhhshhhh…dont tell Ino.

I headed out towards Amigos, stopping to say good morning to Ino, who as usual, was at his desk, ciggy in hand…… with the long ash that seems to defy gravity.

Down the hill, and across the basketball courts, I enjoyed watching Isla wake up. They have repainted the zocalo. The orange looks a little strange to me. I liked it when it was painted that nice aqua colour…like the sea.

The delivery trucks had started to arrive on Hidalgo. I stopped to watch a truck delivering what must have been flour and corn to the tortilla factory. If you havent visited it before, make sure you do next time you visit. When you are walking down Hidalgo from the Zocalo, it will be on your right……can’t remember exactly which block it is in. But, it down this TINY alleyway, but there is a small sign. Interesting place.

I met mis amigos Jan and Bruce, Jean and Rich at Amigos. I decided to try their motuleno’s. Very good. 49 pesos.

Doris and Vince had convinced Jan and Bruce to rent mopeds, so they were off on a tour this morning. I decided it would be a good time to head to La Gloria English School to drop off some supplies I had brought, and to deliver a letter to a family in the colonias that I had promised I would do for a friend.

I headed back to the RocaMar to gather up my things and headed to the bus stop on Medina by the taxi stand. I LOVE riding the bus on Isla. It’s a great way to see the island. And at 4 pesos, its a steal.

I started talking to a couple sitting in front of me. They were staying at Casitas del Mar, just down the hill from Maggie’s school. I hopped off at the corner across from the school. Its going to be HOT today. I am already melting.

La Gloria English School

Uhoh… seems the school is closed. Luckily, one the teachers stopped by. The last session had finished the previous week, and Maggie and Tom had gone to the mainland for a couple days for some much needed Rand.

I had a little tour of the school. Fantastic. Maggie and Tom should be sooooooo proud of what they have accomplished.

I pulled out the directions to the house I was supposed to deliver the letter to, and asked the teacher if she knew the family. She didn’t.

I headed out of the school and up the hill. Turn left at the blue bakery. Okeydokey……I see that. Head down the hill to the next cross street. Turn there.

I am melting………..I swear its 100 degrees out. And, of course, I have brought everything with me…….except a bottle of water.

Look for a blue board house……. Hmmm, I see a house that might be it. I walk over and the door is open.

Hola……..a guy comes out and I ask for the people I am supposed to deliver the letter to. This man and I couldnt communicate very well (Note to self……..actually attend the Spanish lessons you sign up for…lol )

I wander back up the hill. Water………….I need water. I find a little tienda.

Buy a bottle of water……

They have a ceiling fan. A young girl was working there. I point to the ceiling fan..mucha color ( sorry, I actually learned how to say it…….but cant spell it)

So, there I stood, under the ceiling fan, drinking my bottle of water.

Ah, thats better.

I decided to head down to Casitas del Mar to see if the couple I met on the bus, or Bob and Joyce, could help me out with finding this familys house.

On the 3 block walk back, I ran across something I was very allergic to. Yikes, what is that?? I arrived at Casitas del Mar and met Bob. Great, with tears running down my face. The couple I had met on the bus invited me in to see their Casita. They are very nice! Studio apartments, new, bright, cheery.

After I had gone through about half their box of Kleenex, Bob offered to help me go back up the hill and find this family. Excellent!!! He is a very nice man. I had read a lot about he and Joyce, but had never had the chance to meet them.

Strangely, my little allergy attack seemed to be over.

We went back to the house that I thought was the correct one, and Bob talked to a little neighbour boy who confirmed, YES, that family lived there. Yeah!!!! Mission accomplished, I decided to head back into centro.

Time for lunch! I decided to try Picus. I had heard so much about it, but every time I had tried to go there, it was closed. I wanted coconut shrimp!!!!! They were open!! I When I got the menu, it was apparent they didn’t have the coconut shrimp. Bummer. So, I ordered the garlic shrimp.

It was a happening place. There were a couple birthday parties going on. And a couple of older gentlemen were playing one of those giant xylophone (sp) instruments. Does anybody know the name of that instrument?

Looking south from Picus

Looking north from Picus

Picus Entertainment

My lunch arrived, and it was okay. Maybe I just dont like garlic shrimp. I had never had it before. I’ll try Picus again. It was still a wonderful time, toes sunk in the sand, listening to the music.

Garlic shrimp

Prices at Picus: Garlic Shrimp 100MP, Water 10MP, Coke 10MP

After lunch, I stopped by the Posada to visit Romi for a while.

Off to Sergios for the afternoon. Saw Marianne in NYC and got my 2006 button. Gracias Marianne!!

Hung out on the beach with mis amigos Denise, Jan & Bruce. Others arrived later and we stayed for sunset. Another awesome afternoon on the beach. Who could ask for more?

Sergios – late afternoon


It was decided we would do a walkabout dinner. Conomos (sp) for appetizers, Medinas for tacos, and Color de Verano for dessert.

We met at Conomos, but it was closed, so we headed to Bamboos. Most of us ordered ceasar salads and thought they were mucho expensive 65MP. The guys ordered draft beer, which wasn’t very good either. Oh well.


Headed across the street to Medinas for some AWESOME tacos. Cant remember the prices exactly, but I think their 3 taco platter is about 36MP.

Then, off to Color de Verano for dessert. We decided we might be getting a litte too rowdy to sit inside, so we sat out on the terrace. I am really not a big dessert fan, so I ordered Tiramisu ice cream, which was really good. Jan ordered this………which did look amazing.

After dessert and lots more laughs, I bid Buenos Noches to mis Amigas and headed back to the RocaMar. Sat out on the balcony, and listened to the surf. I could see the dredger that was making 3 trips daily around the south end of Isla, out to sea, to suck up sand. It would then head back to Cancun to deposit the sand on the beach.

And lots of stars. Lots and lots of stars. I soooooooo love it here.

Another great day in Paradise. I am asleep before my head hits the pillow.

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