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JetBoo and Other Trip Ramblings. May 25 - June 1 oops 2 , 2008 part 3 |6/8/2008|

By: allnicksgone (View Profile)
Date: 6/8/2008

Every meal I had on Isla was great. My favorite one was a Cuban restaurant on Hidalgo. I had grouper with a red sauce. Oh my was it good. Just try not to fill up on the good bread and oil they give you before the meal. She had the Cuban sandwich and enjoyed it. I dont remember what was on it. The mojitos were excellent and fairly large at only 30 peso each.

The best value meal came when I was driving around exploring the area around the baseball field. There was such a good smell that I quickly pulled over. It was a guy cooking on the sidewalk with a large chimney grill. On the grill was whole bbq chickens. For 70 pesos I got the delicious chicken with plenty of fajita shells, noodles, shredded cabbage, sauce, and not 100% sure now, but I think there was rice. It was enough to feed 3 or 4 people for lunch.

One night we went to Pizza Rock on Hidalgo for dinner. Wow, the specialty pizza we had was soooo good. I think it may have been called the Isla Mujeres pizza, but I could be wrong. Like I said earlier, I dont take notes.

Game two of the Stanley Cup was on Monday night, so we went to Jax for dinner that night. I didnt think they would be showing that game because it was being broadcast on the Versus network which can be hard to find. So I took my computer to at least be able watch the score. I asked the waiter if they could get the game, he brought over Jackie the owner. She said they dont have that channel, but would be showing the rest of the games which are on NBC. I said great, I will be back on Wednesday to watch.

I went back on Wednesday night and ordered a beer. I was the only customer there, unless somebody was upstairs.
Some televisions had basketball playoff games and others had regular season baseball games. I asked the bartender if they would be showing the hockey game that starts in a few minutes. She said no, they dont get that channel. I replied that its on NBC, are you sure you dont get it? She asked if I would like the remote to see and I said OK. She left for a a few minutes and came back and said they can only show basketball and baseball. Then I mentioned that Jackie told me they would show it. The bartender told me Jackie is not here now. So I sucked down my beer and left. That was probably the first time in my life I didnt tip a bartender.

I can understand maybe not changing the conference finals of the basketball game if somebody was watching it, but surely nobody would have minded turning off a regular season baseball game to see the Stanley Cup finals, especially since nobody else was there anyways.

Oh well, it worked out for the best. Their tvs are too small to watch hockey on anyways. I remembered there was a place right across the street from Pizza Rock that had a large tv and they had a sign that mentioned NASCAR, NFL, MLB, NHL, etc, so I took a walk to Hidalgo. The place I remembered was closed, so I kept walking all the way to the end looking for a place that might possibly show hockey. No luck, so I walked back down again to get my golf cart to go back home.

Towards the end of my walk back, to my delight, I see a very large screen with Sydney Crosbys face on it at a pizza shop. Looking at the map now, it may have been Angelos. I think I missed the tv the first time because it was in the back corner, easier to see on the way back. So I quickly find a good seat to watch and the waiter kept my two margarita glasses full all night(2x1).

On Saturday I came back to watch game four. The waiter seen me coming, changed the channel to the hockey game, and had two margaritas on my table before I sat down. I highly reccomend this place if you want to watch sports. The tv is a projector, and the screen is very big. The waiters are great guys, and they seem to enjoy watching any sport, especially soccer. I updated them what was going on in the hockey world, and they told me all about the Mexican soccer team.

With some help from what I think is the guard/caretaker of the cemetary, I was able to find the pirates tomb in the cemetary, along with many pretty ones.

to be continued....

notice: this trip report is not in chronological order at all, just the order I remember random things as I am typing.

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