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MX 2005 - Isla Mujeres - Day 10

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/19/2005

Mexico 2005

Isla Mujeres

March 5 Day 10

“It’s A Hot One In Paradise Today!”

Once again, my internal alarm clock goes off just around 6am. I can’t imagine getting up that early at home, but here, no problema! Out to the balcony for the weather forecast…Awesome!

This early and it’s already 26C…think it might be a scorcher today.

A little more siesta, but by 7:30 I drag Vince out of bed and we are off to the Supermercado for breakfast goodies. I pick up all the essentials while Vince trots off to the cerveza aisle…essential in his world, I guess! We put all the goods on the check-out belt, but the cerveza gets taken away….Vince’s mouth drops open, huh? No cerveza sales before 9am…poor baby. Guess we’ll be back later!

Back to our balcony to enjoy our croissants with cream cheese and jam. Delicious! The chocolate donut that I bought looked really good, but doesn’t taste that great and it gets tossed…now if it was a Krispy Kreme…..Taking a look directly below our balcony…it’s sad to see the benches now gone on the Roca Mar rock. That sure was a strong hurricane!

I head for the bank while Vince cleans up…no line up this morning but the rate is less than what we received in Playa del Carmen. Today it’s 8.76MXP/CDN. Still not bad.

By 10am we have the beach goodies ready and it’s time to hop on Pepe for the short ride to Playa Norte. I can tell that Vince wishes it was a longer ride, so I’m sure I’ll be getting pulled off the beach early today for another Isla tour!

We try to find a bit of shade to lay our pareos. It’s 31C and very hot, with hardly a breeze today. We put the thermometer in the sun and it goes up to 44C…toasty hot! The water that washed up on shore yesterday is gone but there is a huge sandbar right in front of Buho’s area and we could walk way out in the water without going past our knees. Kind of frustrating when you really want to get cooled off and it’s like being in a giant kiddie pool! Ahhhh….gorgeous…..

I never get tired of looking at this amazing water….

Our new friends…not sure if they are doves or just white pigeons, but they came around everyday looking for our Japones nuts. They really liked those.

After many dips in the sea today, Vince is eager to get on Pepe, the hog, for another ride. “The wind will cool us down too, please honey, can we go, pretty please!”. Ok, Ok! There aren’t that many places that we haven’t been yet, but it’s fun to tour around. You never know what you might discover. Off we go down the east side, stopping in at Punta Sur for a very clear view of Cancun in the distance…

Following our usual route we zoom up the west side, arriving at Sergio’s just in time for sunset. Drinks are ordered and enjoyed with Jan and Bruce who arrive to watch the display…

Adios sol….

We make plans to meet Jan and Bruce at Angelos for dinner around 8, as we haven’t tried their pasta yet. Hopping on Pepe once again gets us home in record time…this moped is really coming in handy and saving my knee a lot of walking.

Jan and Bruce have a table waiting for us when we arrive and vino blanco is ordered. It’s surprisingly good! I order fettucini with asparagus and mushrooms in a cream sauce, which was similar to alfredo. Vince orders a mixed salad and fusilli with prosciutto, mushrooms and tomatoes. The waiter sprinkles our dishes with freshly grated parmesan. It is all very delicious! We’ll definitely come back here for more!

Vince with our dinners…

The waiter takes a group picture for us…Bruce isn’t ignoring us, he’s just distracted!

We enjoy the company of great friends and there is much laughter over dinner and more wine…

Jan and Bruce…

And us…

With the bill paid…$280MXP + tip for us…we say sweet dreams to our amigos and head off to the Internet café. I need to check on the emails that I wrote last night in my tipsy state! No major booboos so we wander back on Hidalgo stopping in at the Viva Mexico store for a lime popsicle. Oh, yummm! This would become a nightly ritual for the rest of our stay.

We also pick up a Telmex card and call home…Vince needs to make sure that the boys are taping the Formula 1 Grand Prix race for him. Then we call our amigos Bob and Sandi at the Iberostar Paraiso. It’s their last full day tomorrow so we just wanted to say hola and wish them a safe trip home. It was so good to talk to them, but wish they could have shared some Isla fun with us…maybe next year!

We walk across the square and up the little hill to Roca Mar…Vince says goodnight to Pepe and then it’s up the stairs to dreamland once again. Ahhhh….That was a great day in paradise…..

**Report Card
--Bank--much better rate for CDN exchange compared to the cambios. Only a small difference for USD. No exchange rates for foreign currency until 9am.
--Supermercado--no beer sales before 9am. No beer sales after 6pm on Sundays
--Angelos--Excellent food! Their mixed salad was delicious, as were their pasta dishes. Very good vino blanco too. Very good service and good prices.

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