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Isla Toni's Day 7

By: IslaToni (View Profile)
Date: 6/15/2006

Day 7, Thursday, May 18, 2006

Today is Isla Contoy!!! Weather is good! The best day of our whole trip!

Donna and I got up to see the sunrise. Marcee wanted to get up, too, but she looked so peaceful in her hammock, with her eye mask and ear plugs, that we just didn’t have the heart to wake her up.

So, donna and I are sitting on one of the lounge chairs, at the foot of it, together, facing the Caribbean. All of the sudden, we hear a big **CRACK** and we were both on the ground! The lounge chair had cracked down the middle and here we were, on the ground, laughing so hard!!! You know, like when Bambi got out on the ice and her legs gave out, that's what the chair did. I got up real quick, grabbed my camera and took this picture.

Looking out over the Caribbean we notice that the wind has shifted just a little, but still coming from the North, and no whitecaps. It did look like today will be a good day for Isla Contoy! Gathered up our stuff and headed to M&J’s for breakfast today. Candace and I had tostados, marcee had fruit and donna had pancakes. We still had some time to kill so we walked down to the north beach, out in front of Buho’s.

On to Tony’s and fitted again for our gear. Marcee had never been snorkeling before, but wanted to try it. Donna’s not that good of a swimmer, so she opted not to snorkel. Candace has been many times before and was excited to do this again.

Walked down to the beach and today there were 11 of us. JeanRae’s (don’t know the proper spelling) husband had already been scheduled to go fishing today and didn’t want to cancel, of course. So JeanRae came without him.

Walked down to the boat, Mario and Tony ready to go, loaded and we were off! On the trip we were also joined by Justin and Carrie (don’t know how to spell her name, either) from Illinois, Brian and Josie from DC/Virginia, JeanRae is from Michigan, and a couple from Germany. Her name was something like Itska and I don’t remember how to pronounce his name. They were pretty much loaners.

Tony said that it would still be a little rough until we get to the reef. He had the tarp down on the starboard side, where me, candace, donna and marcee were sitting. Tony suggested that we all store our bags/backpacks in the big, waterproof bag and there were rainjackets if we wanted to put one on. I thought that was a good idea, since I was the closest to the bow. A very good idea, since the water, which was cold, was coming up and hitting me.

We stopped at the reef, Tony said that we have to wear lifejackets now, put on our gear and we all jumped in. We followed Tony to the reef where we saw many fish, barracuda, and a GIANT brain coral. Tony spotted some lobster hiding in the rocks, went back to the boat to get his hook and hooked two small ones. Then he spotted a big one. Tried and tried and tried and finally was successful. As he did on our last trip to Contoy, he handed me the lobster, said to hold by the antenna’s (or whatever they’re called) and take it back to the boat. Of course, I followed his orders! Handed it to Mario and I was back snorkeling.

There’s Contoy in the distance.

As we got closer to Contoy, Tony, of course, knows where the photo-opp is. So we stopped for photos….he took the pictures with each one of our cameras. One thing that I learned from Capt. Tony on this trip is to ALWAYS take 2 pictures of the same setting. Amazing how that works.

We arrived at the island at...I have no clue what time it was. All I knew was that I hadn’t been in the sun for two days, I’ve toured contoy before and I’m plopping my bod on the beach! (I told the ladies and candace, too, that in all of the years that we had been going to Isla, we never took the trip to Contoy because….boring “X” didn’t want to go! Whatever!) so, I told the ladies to go ahead and tour the island if they wanted to. No, they were content to just lie on the beach, too. Tony and Mario stayed on the boat to prep our lunch. I think that Mario was in charge of the guac and rice. Tony was in charge of the fish and chicken.

Tony came by with the charcoal, started the fire and on his way back he thought that he would have a rest on this “fluffy pillow” that he found on the beach. He said, “aw, I could stay here all day.” Lol

he went back to the boat to prep some more. The grill must be ready because we were lying on the beach and Tony passed by on the way to the grill and threw something in the sand. I said, “what’s that”? he said, “it’s fish for the manta”. Oh, ok. It was the trimmings from the fish that he had brought to cook. So, sure enough….here comes the manta. Can he smell his lunch or what? I immediately jumped up, grabbed some of the fish and tried calling him over. It seemed that he was drawn to candace. No matter where she was, he followed her. the water was a little murky today, so the pics. aren't that clear.

Marcee jumped right in because she wanted to touch him, too. (or was it a girl? I have no clue.) I gave her some of the fish to feed him, but when he got just so close, she would drop the fish in the sand. No problem. He found it. The fish was all gone….back to my sun/beach.

We were called to lunch. It was absolutely THE BEST meal that we had on the island all week!!! We had chips, guac, tik ‘n xik fish and chicken (Tony style) and rice. Everything was just amazing!!!! After lunch, we fed the hermit crabs and iguanas.

Mario and Tony said that we had about another hour and a half before we headed home, so beached it some more. Tony said that he usually goes under the palapa at the end of the pier and takes a little siesta before we leave.

While enjoying the sun some more, Brian and Josie told us of their experience last night. They were at Sunset Grill and this “guy” was face down on the table and didn’t seem to be breathing. His girlfriend started to panic…the waiter thought he was choking and did the H-maneuver. He wasn’t really responding. Someone called for help….they arrived 20 minutes later. By the time brian and josie left, they really didn’t know what was really wrong with this guy. (Please remember this story in the future days to come.)

3:00pm time to head home. Tony trolled on the way back, but no fish. The trip back was uneventful and smooth, but fun! Tony slowed by the north beach and around to his dock/spot so we could take some pictures.

Back at 4pm and unloaded. I expected to take all of our gear back to Tony’s, but he said, “no, we will take care of it”. Hugs and kisses all around and climbed aboard the cart heading back to CDM. We passed the pier and I thought TAMALES for dinner. Hung a “U”ie and I got out to get some tamales for dinner from the lady at the pier. Unfortunately, all meat, so none of candace. No problem. We had tortillas, beans and cheese back at the room.

When we arrived, Gustavo’s mama was there. Introductions. She really doesn’t speak any English, so I use my vacation Spanish. A very, very lovely lady!!!

We hung around the pool and realized that we were all pooped! Showered and lied down on the bed. I was tired! It was now 8:30pm…the 3 gals went outside until 9 and I stayed in bed and fell fast asleep and I slept all the way until 7:30am!!! No a/c AGAIN! Can you still believe this? Me without a/c????

What a wonderful day on Contoy!!!

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