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Dec 31,Day 1 Isla Trip

By: Gringa1 (View Profile)
Date: 1/13/2007

My trip really started Dec 30 as I drove from Vancouver,BC to Edmonds, WA where I stayed with my sister.My sister drove me to Seattle Airport for my flight that was leaving @ 5:30AM on Dec 31.Smooth flight to Phoenix and then on to Cancun.I had arranged for Bestday to pick me up and take me to the Ferry.Really good service as they were waiting for me and took just myself in a newer Cheverolet to Puerto Juarez with a stop at a corner store to grab a cerveza to christen my vacation in Mexico,$.05 pesos.
They got me there just in time to catch the 4:30 ferry and I was off.Arrived on Isla at 5PM and headed straight across from the Ferry to the HSBC ATM to get some pesos.One of the bicycle guys already had my bags and was waiting for me.I asked him to take me to Coral Apartments, Momma & Poppa's place (no relation)and he knew just where to go.
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I had been to Isla in 1993 but that was only for 2 days and never explored much so everything was new to me.I had my Mapchick map and found that the SuperXpress was just across the town square from me so I headed for supplies.I picked up 6 Sol cerveza's $52.02 pesos,5 limons @3.31,Large bottle Coke Light $12.60,Large bottle of Agua $7.44,1 L Vodka $61.30 which was all the provisions I needed,LOL!
Back to Coral apartments to meet Momma & Poppa and have some cerveza's with them
I don't know where the time went but I was suppose to meet some people from the board at Jax but I was too late.I went out and had something to eat but headed back to the town square to hand out Glow Bracelets to the kids that I brought from home.

It was really warm and humid and I couldn't believe that I was sweating at that time of night.I gave out a bracelet to a cute little guy and next thing I knew I was swarmed kids of all ages wanting a glow bracelet.I headed back to my room to have a drink and toast in the New Year and caught some awesome Fireworks in the distance over in Cancun that were really clear to see.Well after all the travelling I was pooped and ready for some sleep.

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