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#5.................Another sun-filled day.........oh joy.!!

By: lee (View Profile)
Date: 3/26/2008

We have our customary first cuppa with toasted breads. About an hour later we have scrambled eggs, mango yoghurt and mango juice. Gotta be fortified for moving day to Mar y Sol. Looking forward to peace and quiet after the hectic pace in Centro and the beaches.

Where the heck did all this stuff come from and why doesn't it fit into 3 bags? It fit in Ohio! The only difference is a cooler of groceries (25# of beer and milk). We stagger down the 'driveway' to find a taxi and luckily, one was turning around behind Nautibeach. A real sweet and talkative driver who for $40p deposits us at Mar y Sol. All but 2 of the 8 units are occupied. Can't wait to meet our neighbors! Always met interesting people here. One couple is from Michigan, one couple from Minnesota, mother and daughter from Colorado and one couple from the Yukon. We're here hours ahead of checkin time and the room isn't ready. No problem for Denny who finds a shady spot and gets back to his book. We are finally able to get into the room where we stow our stuff. Starving (again!) we head to La Bruja. A nice long hot walk (gotta walk off breakfast and justify lunch!) we discover Bruja's is closed! Dang! Another long hot walk (now I'm hungry AND grumpy) back to the room for the ATM card, get a taxi, to El Banco and lunch at Justicia Social. Sated, off to find the fixin's for suppers and breakfasts to come. Finally, back at Mar y Sol where we plop down and relax. Play in the water for a little bit.

aaahhhh! beautiful Mar y Sol!

Mar y Sol beach

Our upstairs neighbors, Mary and her daughter Laura, have stayed here before but they found markets within walking distance that have eluded us: markets for fresh meat and vegetables as well as general grocery items. We're in business! If I play this right, we'll not be leaving Mar y Sol for meals. I've had enough of crowded centro, thank you very much! We get to work.

Denny and I cut up poblano, onion and garlic. Saute that in olive oil. Remove to a plate. Saute chicken pieces, add vegetables back in and about a cup of salsa. Simmered about 2 hours (gotta figure out the heat on the fryer for extended cooking!) Shoulda gotten rice. Still, it was really good. Back to our beach chairs to sit on a moonlit beach and talk with Mary and Laura. The drinks are nice, the company is interesting, the breezes are warm, it's peaceful and quiet. The reasons we love Mar y Sol. Little did we know that was about to end!

Wednesday was snorkeling....again. Ratz! Breakfast on the porch of scrambled eggs with cheese, homefries with poblanos and onion and warmed muffins. We give thanks for our lives in general:

giving thanks for food, friends a pretty good life

Lovely view. This dog was really cute. His collar was too big and the end hung down enough for him to catch it in his mouth and 'lead' himself down the beach with his people.
looking southeast from Mar y Sol

Spent the day on the porch in a hammock reading Charles Kuralt. I reread this book (as well as others) because I just can't seem to concentrate when I'm on Isla. I keep the 'heavy stuff' for winter reading when I'm trapped indoors. We walked into the colonia for tacos (15p) and a visit to the market. Had a good time discovering the place with Mary on Tuesday. I've been by the place many times and never saw this brown building near the park. They have nearly everything: fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, general groceries. Even a guy repairing a suitcase! He had shoes on the shelf that had been repaired. What a find!

Dinner will be chicken again: marinated this time. I mixed yellow mustard, soy sauce, lime juice, sugar, onion and garlic. Cut up the chicken (deboned) into smaller pieces and mixed the whole mess to sit a few hours in the fridge. I browned the pieces of chicken in olive oil, added the marinade and simmered about 5". Served it over bow-tie pasta. Boy, was that good! Best part? Dinner on the porch looking at Cancun.

This is the part where the 'peace & quiet' end: family arrives from Chicago just as we're beginning dinner on the porch. There's 4 adults, 1 teenager, 4 children and a MOUNTAIN of luggage. One of the children is wheelchair bound and his supplies are not easy to move. The youngest appears to be about a year old, then there's a 4-yr old and 7 or 8 yr old. The 4 yr old is really excited, running and yelling "I wanna go in the pool!!" Takes the adults awhile to sort out their luggage and 3 rooms but they finally leave for dinner at Lancheros figuring they'll make the last sitting. The are all walking down that dark road to Lancheros. Braver than me, I'll tell ya.

We're in the habit of early rising for the first cuppa and apparently, so are the neighbors. The 4 yr old spends the day running and in full voice. The baby joins him after lunch for a cry/scream session that lasts hours. I'd think he'd sleep from exhaustion, but no, he perserveres. Grandpa is going snorkeling:

a wetsuit?  on Isla?

We head out to centro by way of the bus. It leaves the rotary on the half hour. We sit outside IM Paradise (or something like that) and watch the taxis and golf carts whizzing by, tearing around the rotary. One golf cart has a 12 year old driving with Mom beside him yelling "that way!! straight ahead!!" and the kid yelling "huh?" Dad and sister are oblivious in the back. We get on the bus for our 40 cent ride to town.

We leave for a SuperExpress for breakfast breads (NOTHING like that in Ohio. I just crave them betweeen visits!). I also HAVE to have my whole fried fish in garlic at Picus. The XX is cold and refreshing. We watch fishermen cleaning their catch and tossing scraps to an audience of waiting pelicans. Entertaining enough to attract tourists with cameras.

Hauling our groceries (including ice) we wait for the bus, anxious to get the heck out of town. Traffic is nutz! The streets and sidewalks are jammed and the heat of the day throbs around us.

traffic on Medina looking south

Back at Mar y Sol Denny makes a toasted croissant with the tuna salad he'd made earlier. Boy is that good! More lazing on the beach, more yelling and crying kids that lasts (again) for hours. Here's the beautiful screamer:

beautiful screamer

Cute huh? Can't believe the volume from such a small boy.

I make some preseasoned wings I'd gotten at the SuperExpress. Not too bad considering I don't like smokey flavor added. Couldn't beat the price: about $30p for a package of at least a dozen. No sunset show tonight with all the clouds. But, finally, at around 9 the clouds begin breaking up and the nearly-full moon appears. It's been lighting up the beach for days. I politely ask the family to please turn off their porch lights to enjoy the moonshine which they finally accomplish. Hard to believe how much 'light' the moon throws. It's almost peaceful even with the throbbing bass from Lancheros providing background music. They hauled 3 big boatloads today between 7 and 8pm; making up for three days of wind which prevented any boats in the bay except the ferries. Strange not to see little boats toing and froing but we sure didn't miss the party boats!

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