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A Thrilling, Delicious, Disappointing, Touching Trip

By: kkbrenk (View Profile)
Date: 3/10/2008

Rather than give a day-by-day rundown of our most recent trip, here are the highlights! I’m not so good at the pic posting, so here is a link to paste:

Feel free to use my user ( and password (Kenyon)

Just getting on the ferry is thrilling because you know you are there. Relaxation hits and as you watch Cancun fade away, so does work and worry and the real world. Also exciting to share the island with my parents this trip, it was their first time ever in Mexico… Other thrills from this trip: A store owner scared the holy poo out of me with one of those sponge lizard toys! It was very funny… We made our first trip to Contoy. Awesome day – and the wind came up while we were there which made for an interesting ride home. Watching our 6 yr old daughter swim and swim and swim… lessons are expensive but wow. Money well spent.

Tony’s lunch on Contoy – Fabulous. (and if anyone has a recipe for his tomato / cucumber relish-salsa stuff, I would love to have it).
Komono – YUM. I think we had darn near one of everything… the chili is awesome.
Olivia’s – Double YUM. I had the fish, best meal of the trip. Our daughter ate an entire plate of meatballs, the mousaka is great too.
La Lomita – bean soup (with the avocado and rice). Good stuff. (and the flan lady is right down the street!)
And, I love Jax fish tacos. Have to eat them every trip.

The Cuban restaurant… This was on my list of “must do” and the sandwich was mediocre at best. (however I could eat plates of their fried plantains and sweet potato chips).
Puerto Morales… we had a few windy days in a row and decided to hop the bus to PM. We have been considering vacationing here. I really wanted to love it. But – it was too quiet, more expensive and just did not have the vibe of Isla Mujeres. While all the condo builds on Isla are disappointing, we will still return.
Elements… I miss Lisa. Annabelle’s class was good, but Lisa is fantastic and I missed her special touch.
Sabina’s… tough for me to say because we love it there and she is so wonderful. But the apt. we stay in had a door lock issue last year – they assured me it was fixed. It was the most halfway “fix” I have ever seen and was broken again within a day of being there. And, there was a funny smell in the bathroom that came and went. Not sure what we’ll do next year.

Being there with my parents was awesome… watching Kenyon play cards with Nana, snorkel with PopPop, Jeff going off for a nightcap with my Dad. Also, we had a VERY bumpy ride back from Contoy. Kenyon slept the entire way – but Tony was so concerned about her. Telling us to cover her up with a life vest so she didn’t get as wet, turn her around so she won’t bump her back, etc. Very sweet man. And, I’ll say it here because I know he’ll read it! My husband is the greatest. Jeff sets up the entire trip every year but this year took care of my parents as well – even took them around the island on the bus and to the turtle farm while I was at Yoga.

All together a wonderful trip. We are tan, rested, a happy family and I count the days till we return again…

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