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Vacation Journal
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Chapter One-First Day Refelections

By: Kathryne (View Profile)
Date: 3/19/2007

It is 9:15 am and we have seen our first sunrise from our private patio, having left the curtains open to the Caribe so that we would feel the call of the light. Doug has already ventured to Centro for fresh OJ, yoghurt, etc. I have had my first adventure as well, trying to wash my hair in a freezing dribble of a shower. We are sitting on our loungers in the sun with the breeze off the water. If we were already acclimatized it might seem chilly but after the -48 degrees C wind-chill that we left behind on Friday-it is glorious. We’ve just chatted about how a wind like this could be bringing any kind of weather in so we are content to bask in this.

I have found new pleasures already. Our little sitting area of Luna D‘Meil is by the busy airport road. If you sit on the bright yellow cushions and open the window to the bay you see a different sea than the Caribe. The scooters carrying entire families whiz right by. You see all of this without the sound of the ways only meters away.

Our arrival was pretty efficient but we just missed the 9 pm ferry. Instead of relaxing on the benches as I recall from previous years, people were cuing up immediately. They were mostly locals with enormous Disney totes full of supplies. I suppose they wanted to get the prime “inside” seats as it was cool and breezy during the crossing. So we defaulted to the top deck which would have been my first choice anyway. The stars were out and Doug told me of the comet that he had seen from the plane. He also reminded me that our girls back home and our son in the Philippines were looking out at the very same stars. In the darkness I missed the first glimpse of the turquoise water that takes your breath away, but it was pure bliss none the less. Seeing Isla through Doug’s eyes makes it all new to me too.

Written later that same day
Oh my goodness-I am pooped. Doug has done the walk to Centro three times today. I only twice but I am done in. We are sipping Kahlua with a fresh squeeze of lime and have had a wonderful shared meal of “Mixted” Ceviche at Picus. Pelicans near by, boats in the water, feet in the sand and the sun setting-perfection. The ceviche had squid and shrimp as I remembered but I did not recall the conch which I really enjoyed.

This afternoon we walked to Centro and I showed Doug all the sights with some “Cancunesque” additions that of course I did not appreciate at all. We stumbled upon the Sunday Rib Man at about 11:30 this morning. We ordered one to split but when we found out it was only $3 we requested another. We ate sitting under a palm on the low wall by Playa Sol. Doug needed an afternoon nap so I went shelling for a bit. We had a lazy night at our comfortable apartment to get rested up for the week.

Morning of Day Two
It is 8 am and I am out for my morning sun except there is no sun! We were awakened by the AC cutting out and I noticed the bedside clock flashing 12. It was pouring rain but only for a while. There are already a few breaks in the sky and I see the sun shining on the sea on the horizon. We could watch the rain and the waves and the daybreak from our bed this morning. I have never been anywhere before where I could do that. Not on Isla, not at our lake, not on my other journeys. Doug is already out on one of his adventures-this time south perhaps to find more freshly squeezed OJ, perhaps for fruit. I am content to tidy up, prepare some fixings for breakfast, be in my lounger for journaling and read more Maeve Binchey.

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