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Day what of 5? We are truly getting into the mode of Isla!

By: Kasha68 (View Profile)
Date: 5/8/2011

This was to be our last full day on Isla, so we wanted to take full advantage of it! I HATE getting up early for work, but somehow on Isla, I magically awake at 6am, refreshed and ready to take on the day! My partner is still sleeping, so I head out to the patio for some morning time to be alone with my thought (which include a plan for how I am going to retire here--or at least be a snowbird here!).

I love sitting out on the patio, watching a few folks taking their early morning swim, or watching the people getting ready for the day, setting up chairs, raking the beach, enjoying the quietness the morning brings.

Guess what? Its not raining--again!! Its another beautiful day, with a breezy. Perfect, really.

We head out to get our golf cart from Ciros about 8:30am, and this time we decide to get it for 24 hours, in case we wanted to travel around at night, we could. We stop at the juice stand on the corner and I order a watermelon water and orange juice--we are 3 pesos short and she cant break our larger bill, but she gives us the juice anyway.

We decide to go to Mango Cafe for the breakfast. We had been here twice before on our last trip and really liked it. I LOVE their iced coffee so much that I ordered a carafe of it for myself! My partner orders the tropical iced tea.

I order the divorced eggs and my partner gets his standby--the pancakes. Great as usual, but I did prefer A&Gs divorced eggs a bit more but it was still more food than we can eat. I think our bill comes to 225p. We head back to centro, as I wanted to give the juice lady 20p for allowing us to take the juices even though we didnt have enough we head back and I explain to her and she remembers me and laughs and thanks me. How could she not remember me, I was the gringa that was short 3 pesos!

Our plan is to tool around and end up at Bastos for dinner, but as usual, plans dont always happen on Isla because you just go with the flow. We drive around the island, checking new little roads and exploring each colonia a little more. We head to Soggy Pesos for the first time, about noon as some friends left a note for us there the last time they were on the island. Time to have a drink, right? We say hello to Gustav (sp?) and he tells us what the note said (it got lost)...basically,the note was "thanks for the drinks, here is our bill" We have one more beer, then head back out on the road for the road trip.

Eventually, we end up at Chuuk Kay for their happy hour and band. We were here once before and ate, but didnt get in on the band. Its a nice setting and our wait staff (we had 2 that kept alternating) were great. I had the bacon wrapped shrimps and my partner had the quesadillas. I will say that his quesadillas were fantastic! My dinner was good, also. We each had a two beers and the dinner and our bill came to 320p. We listened to the band, then headed out on the road. We wanted to stop at La Pueblito, but they were closing up, so we said we will have to hit that place next trip. Back to Soggy Pesos for a quick couple of drinks and talk to Freddy. He remembered my partner from Feb when we were there, so we chatted it up again.

Back to the hotel to clean up a bit and we just didnt have it in us to head back out on the golf cart to eat at Bastos, so we ate at Tequera Medina--or something-you all know what I mean. We had heard they served really good tacos, so we decided to eat there. I had two chicken and one chorizzo taco and my partner had 3 beef taco special or something like that. We each had a couple of beers and the dinner and the bill came to 165p. Again, not bad and the beer was more than the food!

My partner wanted to check out El Patio as he was intriqued with the garden area he glimpsed at. We walked in and decided to just have a glass of wine and talk. We were seated immediately, then asked to see the wine list. We were in no hurry, and we understand about the culture of being slower pace...but we waited for 10 minutes for the waitress to stop back to take our drink order. They were not that busy, so not sure what the deal was but after 15 minutes, we decided to go elsewhere. Its a beautiful setting, reminds us a lot of Olivias.

We walk around Hildago and decide its time for Flan! We had Flan before from Don Chepos, so we decided to try it again..I want one day to eat Flan from the Flan lady, but maybe next trip. We had Flan and each had a Crazy Monkey drink.

We went back up to the room and sat on the balcony and listened to the kids play and run on the beach--though it was dark, they were still out playing...this makes me happy as some places you cant even walk on the beach at night for safety reasons, and here the local kids are out running around, playing tag!

Tomorrow is "THAT DAY" for us. The day we must say goodbye to our wonderful slice of heaven.

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