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June 7 - June 16, 2007 Trip Report & Pics, DAY 8

By: pacia (View Profile)
Date: 8/26/2007

Today was a good day for sleeping in. Stefan and I didnít get out of bed until our bodies were good and ready! We slowly prepared for the day and checked in with the others. Randall was up and ready to head to the beach with us. Amanda was not feeling too hot this morning, so she and Brandon took it easy for the day just relaxed in their room and did a little shopping.

The rest of us headed over to North Beach around noon. Chi Chiís wasnít opened yet so we sat at Sunset Grill.

What a great time of year to be here. It was never too crowded. Sure itís hot, but who cares when you have that lovely water to walk into?

I went swimming and found a pretty starfish in the shallow water. This was the first time Iíd ever seen one! I wanted to pick it up but didnít know if it was dangerous or not, but a nice French couple was nearby and they assured me it was OK. So I did, but of course I didnít have my camera with me! Very cool though. We hung out for a few hours and enjoyed the view:

It was time for food so we headed back to the hotel to shower and get ready for a late lunch. It was a weird time of day again for food (we have a knack for that!), so we had few options. Sancochos was open, so we sat down there. The three of us shared some appetizers. I donít think we got what we ordered, but it was all still OK.

We walked back over to the hotel to hang out on the balcony for a bit. There was a little kitty lounging on the rooftop on a crate across the street. We went to the mini super in this picture at least once every day:

Stefan and Randall wanted sangrias and I wanted chocolate, so we decided it was time to head over to Color de Verano! We saw this beautiful flower in the courtyard of Maria Leticia on our way out:

These sangrias are gorgeous!

OK, I went overboard with my chocolate craving, lol! Here we have a Cafť Mocha, a bowl of chocolate mousse, and a shot of Kahlua that I ordered to pour into my Cafť Mocha. :D A bit much indeed, but I was on vacation, so what the hell?!

High on sugar and caffeine, we did some shopping and wandering before heading back in to check on Brandon and Amanda. They were doing fine and cozy watching TV. So we decided to do the same and napped for a couple hours (somehow I managed to sleep!). The sound of thunder woke everyone up and we ventured out after the rain stopped. We walked over to the zocalo to check out the new fountain at night:

We shopped a bit more and stopped at the mask shop. I donít recall the name, but I always love browsing here. They have a huge book that details the origin of most of their masks. Very interesting.

Bimbo dog time! I played it safe with mustard only. Randall, however, made the most of it and got everything on his: mustard, catsup, onions, mayo (ugh!), and who knows what else. Tasty!

A storm was-a-brewing, so we all headed back home. It started pouring on our way back, so those of us with flip-flops took our shoes off and we all ran back the rest of the way. Tonight was a good night for beer and cards! We stopped by the mini super, then settled into Brandon and Amandaís room and played spades. We were having a blast, and then...the power went out! We lit candles, opened the doors, and hung out on the interior balcony of the courtyard and watched the lightening. It was gorgeous. We felt like kids...what a blast! But it only lasted for about 10 minutes or so, and the lights came back on. So we finished our game of spades, disappeared into our rooms...

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