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My introduction to Isla in 1993

By: Gringa1 (View Profile)
Date: 8/7/2011

Since it is such slim pickins on Isla Stories I thought I would add my story of how I came to find this beautiful Paradise called Isla Mujeres.I only took a few pictures then and they are packed away in a photo album somewhere far far away so no pics of that trip,sorry.


In 1993 I booked a flight only to Cancun with the book on
" Mexico on $50 a Day" and had no destinations organized.We arrived in Cancun late at night so we needed to stay for the one night.I figured out when we were flying over Cancun that this was not the place for me and needed to leave as soon as possible.
There was a tentative plan to go to Cozumel but nothing set in stone..When we got to Cancun we poured over the book and decided to leave bright and early and check out this litle Island of Women that was just a short Ferry ride away. We took the old Funky Ferry over and were just blown away by the gorgeous colours of the water and the Flying Fish flanking us on the sides of the Ferry.


When we reached Isla we took our back packs and headed across the street to a restaurant/bar and had a very much needed cold cerveza along with a few other passengers that just got off the ferry.We immediatley met people there and all made plans where we would meet up later.My book suggested the Vistalmar as a great inexpensive place with an ocean view and what could be better than that and at $8.00 per night for 2 people,Wow!
The Island was way slower than it is today and not as built up with not much going on but I just fell in love with it.We only ended up staying 3 days out of our 10 days as we still needed to check out Playa del Carmen,the Mayan Riviera,Tulum and Cozumel but none really compared to what I felt on Isla.

Ever since 1993 I dreamed of going back to Isla which has always held a very special place in my heart.Through the next years my travel buddies always wanted to go to all-inclusives which was the smart choice for Canadians at the time with good value for our buck.
I always had that yearning to get back to Isla so I decided I would travel on my own as many of my friends couldnt figure out why I was doing a non all-inclusive trip and opted out.

So it was quite a few years after my initial 1993 trip that I finally had the time and the money to go back on my own.I immediately met people on that trip and ever since then I have been coming back every year to meet up with all the great friends I have met over the years.

With a reference to the thread on "Dreams Can Come True" regarding "You know how you hear that someone enjoyed their vacation but cant wait to get home, well I used to tell people that I had never experienced homesickness".

That is exactly how I feel as so many of my friends that go to Isla say they are ready to go home near the end of their vacation while I am just heartbroken to leave every time.
The rest of the year all I do is plan,shop and dream of going back home to Isla.I feel so much happier,relaxed and more myself on the Island.Each year I try to figure out how I can stay longer and longer on my visits.
So in the words of Zak Brown:
"Toes in the water,a$$ is the sand.Not a worry in the world,a cold beer in my hand.Life is good today,life is good today!
Until next time Isla.......


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