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Wolf Pack Full Trip Report (3/13/11-3/21/11)

By: miniWOLFER (View Profile)
Date: 3/25/2011

Wolf Family Trip Report

Sunday March 13, 2011
Rise and shine at 6:00am to make our flight at 10:30am. The usual frantic last minute packing was no surprise to our family of four. The airport is alive as can be but we have found the convenience of checking our bags and printing our boarding pass online, so we can scoot by everyone and save us time, was very nice. We had a quick and easy flight that landed at 1:10pm. We got the pleasure of having our FIRST non-stop flight and were excited to watch king’s speech on the way to paradise.

We arrived at Posada del Mar for our first time. Not only was it our first time at PDM, it was our first time staying down town. We have stayed at Cristal mar for the past 4 times we have visited but it has sadly closed. So we ventured around the hotel to get a feel of the place and were pleasantly surprised. The room was very clean, new, but smaller then what we are used too; but we adjusted fairly quickly. We enjoyed being able to have a free continental breakfast and eggs for only 35 pesos when we did eat at Pinguinos. Papa Wolf wasn’t so sure about the pool when we arrived as it looked as though the bottom was full of sand and a little murky, but we were ensured it was because of the road construction kicking up dust. The pool was just fine as we quickly had to get in due to the heat. We, the Wolf Pack, and the other group of 9 ate at Bucaneros and Rolandi’s for our first meal, which was wonderful. We were off to bed quite early as every travel day seems to take all of your energy.

Monday March 14, 2011
Mamma Wolf was up as early as ever and the rest of us slept in and had a relaxing first half of the day by the pool. We walked down to Jax for lunch (which was nice being able to just walk a block instead of making a trip) and ate a great meal. We journeyed back to PDM for some more pool and sun. Oddly, Papa Wolf came down with something that included a fever, (24 hour bug?) and had to miss dinner. For dinner we strolled down to Picus for some excellent food that never seems to disappoint, then back to the hotel for a good night sleep.

Tuesday March 15, 2011
It was the first day for a golf cart for the Wolf Pack. It was very suitable to have the hotel call for the cart, they brought it to us, and then all we had to do was have it there in the morning. We ventured around the island and saw all the sights and then made our way to the Schell house for a little party. Catz was so wonderful for letting us come and tour the house. It was very fun and interesting. Thanks so much!! After meeting a bunch of new faces, we decided to head to the well talked about, Chuuk Kay, for the first time. It definitely took some time to find, we had to ask for directions a couple times, but we did eventually find it. But as everyone has said, it was amazing. The Coconut shrimp was great and was absolutely delicious (says Mamma & Papa Wolf). Then, back to the hotel.

Wednesday March 16, 2011
Mamma Wolf is a very punctual person and made the whole wolf pack get up early so we could be the first one at Garrafon to get the prime location, and that we were. We had a great time there, the food was great, the waiters were hilarious and the drinks just keep coming. As this was a long day, we head back to the hotel to hang out at the bar with Romi, (who is just a hoot), and happen to see a cart on the street with a flame and a skillet looking thing. So Papa Wolf goes and checks it out. Turns out it was the best tasting thing ever, well not really, but it really hit the spot. It was a thin, sweet, crunchy tortilla what was wrapped around a banana, nutella and caramel. It was delicious, and was bought every night from then on.

Thursday March 17, 2011
As the whole Wolf Pack was very tired from the very long day prior, we decided to have a chill day. We meandered our way across north beach, (what a work out for the legs!) and found our way to “King’s Bath.” It doesn’t look exciting from the beach, but once you slap on some snorkels a whole world emerges from “down under”. It was great snorkeling once you headed towards all of the rocks n such. After the quick but bountiful snorkel, we headed home to get a little Irish. The Wolf Pack and friends went Irish for the night in our St. Patrick’s gear and headed to Fayne’s for dinner. This was the first night that we saw the marines patrolling the streets. At first it made your heart skip a little, but then you relaxed and just felt even safer and secure on the island of delight. After dinner we slowly but surely made it to Miguel’s Moonlight for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. It was a blast and after a few too many beers, the Wolf Pack headed back to their den.

Friday March 18, 2011
The oldest pup of the Wolf pack (me) really grew to like snorkeling during this vacation so the Pack decided to go to Garrafon de la Castilla. It was only 50 pesos to get in. Both Garrafon parks are on the same reef but Garrafon de la Castilla, in opinion, had much better snorkeling then the larger Garrafon. The pups had a great time, except the youngest pup got heat rash that seemed to ruin her mood, so the Pack headed home. On the way home, the Pack stopped at Kash-Keken-Chuk (we call take-home tacos) for some very cheap and delicious tacos for lunch. Having a late lunch, we went on a mission to find Medina’s tacos and the mission was a success. The tacos were delicious and once again, very reasonably priced. Papa Wolf and Mamma Wolf both loved the pastor tacos and recommend it strongly. The Wolf Pack went off to bed early as they had made plans with Monolo to go fishing at 7am.

Saturday March 19, 2011
Papa and the 2 pups and 3 friends woke up bright and early to sail the seas in search of barracuda. After 2 hours, the first barracuda was caught by one of our friends. It wasn’t too large, but the second one, caught by me, was about 3 feet long and a fighter. Fishing was a blast but it upset the tummy a little bit so we all headed home. The rest of the day was spent at the pool trying to get used to solid ground once again. For dinner the pack headed to, what I think was, Brisas’s Grill. It was very fun and the waiters where very friendly and entertaining.

Sunday March 20, 2011
The last full day of the vacation; it’s a hard thought to imagine when you don’t ever want to leave. We rented a golf cart right away in the morning. The pack headed to Cazuelas M & J and had a wonderful breakfast. This is one thing that the whole pack decided we miss. The ability to just take an adventure around the island was enabled with a golf cart, and now that it wasn’t always available it was very much missed. Mamma and Papa Wolf headed to soggy peso during the day and Papa Wolf claims the margaritas were very delicious but be cautious, 3 margaritas put him a little too far over the edge and he never fully recovered that day. Once again, the pups begged for take home tacos and they got their wish. After dinner at Fayne’s once again, the pack headed home to finish up packing for the journey home tomorrow.

Monday March 21, 2011
We made a quick stop at Bally Hoo’s from breakfast which was actually delicious since the last time we had dinner there, it was not the greatest. Then as we were on our way to the ferry, we spotted delicious muffins in the bakery window and just had to get them for the airport when time goes by oh-so-slowly.
We made it home safe and very tired. It was, once again, an unforgettable trip. We had a big problem with Mamma Wolf’s credit card in the ATM and spent hours upon hours on the phone with the credit card company. But as anyone can detest, no matter what happens when you’re in paradise, you can’t be mad for long; because when you look down the street and see all of the islanders or you gaze out into the sunset, or as you take a quick dip in the pool, you realize nothing can ruin your time when you’re on Isla Mujeres.

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